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  1. viktor188924

    Windward Heel and Lightwind Sailing

    On the rooster upwind dvd steve cockrill goes on a great deal about how it can be really beneficial to sail with some windward heel in lightwind. He said that what you do is head down, heel to windward, and push the tiller away from you, without pinching too much. Apparently, the pushing...
  2. viktor188924

    Tactical vs Non-Tactical Compass

    I think I want to start using a compass. The first question is actually whether a lot of you guys use compasses. The next is what kind? Silva seems to be making some really nice ones, but I don't know if I want to use a tactical compass or not. I could just as easily add or subtract 80 or so...
  3. viktor188924

    North Americans 2007 Hyannis Results????

    can anyone find the site where the prelim. results are up? usually at a big regatta like this they'd post 'em, but all my googling isnt getting me anywhere. i have friends in the regatta, but im in Argentina..
  4. viktor188924

    Outhaul Rigged on the Back of the Boom

    I have seen some people rig their outhauls on the back of the boom: Have any of you tried this?
  5. viktor188924

    Using Small Diameter Control Lines

    Has anyone tried using small diameter control lines instead of the regular lines that come with the harken/holt upgrade packages? I find that it takes too much effort to get my cunningham to go all the way out. It often takes me needing to go up to the mast and flicking it with my hand. Maybe I...
  6. viktor188924

    Which Mainsheet Block?? Orbit? Carbo?

    I'm willing to hear anyone's input on which mainsheet block is the best. I'm thinking about getting a new one and I'm impressed with the 55mm Ronstan Orbit Ratchet block. Any ideas??
  7. viktor188924

    Laser Quality

    I have been noticing that the quality of Laser manufacturing has been going down with every year of production. My boat is only a few months old (it was first used as a charter boat in the 2007 Midwinters East regatta). So was my teammate's boat. With both of ours, if you look into the...
  8. viktor188924

    Laser Quality

    It seems that its been a slippery downhill slope in quality among the newer lasers. Mine was sailed for the first time as a charter boat at the 2007 Laser Midwinters East. Note the number 188924. My teammate bought his boat about a week before I did (his was also one of the 2007 model charter...