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  1. goldensailing

    MARYLAND Sails with 10 days on them

    Hello all, selling 4 ilca7 sails they are $700 new get a 10 day old sail for $500. Used for Olympic trial. Can ship.
  2. goldensailing

    Expired  MARYLAND USA 222516

    - Full race set up - top-of-the-line components - complete spliced control systems - dolly - carbon upper - two sails -carbon tiller and tiller extension Bought this boat for the Olympic trial. Selling now that its over.
  3. goldensailing

    Repair Outhall Friction

    mclube your boom
  4. goldensailing

    Laser Ice Blue gelcoat

    Does anyone in the United States Have the British Ice Blue gelcoat?
  5. goldensailing

    Laser Storage on hull straps, why Bad idea?

    simply flipping the laser on the deck for storage will help preserve the hull of the boat.