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    What is the ideal weight range for Ilca 7

    At 170 lbs and fairly tall, you should be fine. If you are physically fit and can hike hard that helps! What you lack in body weight you can make up in leverage. On windy days, you'll have to "vang sheet' so you're not overpowered upwind. Lots of info on that technique on line. There's...
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    Advice for first time laser buyer looking to get out on water for least combined expense/effort

    Some excellent advice by the commenters before me. Personally, i would only consider the yellow boat. The others are going to cost you more in time and money than they are worth. I love the guys who left a severely beat up boat out in mother nature for 3 decades and then want to "sell" it to...
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    Help with cleaning a very dirty Laser

    Muriatic acid works well removing stains from a Laser. Mix it with water - 8 to 1 or 10 to 1. Wear rubber gloves.
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    Kitty Hawk trailer question

    I have your basic Kitty Hawk Laser trailer (made by Nautical America). I want to replace the noisy bearings and sleeves. They are greased, that is not my issue. Does anyone know the size of the bearing kit that i should buy? thanks
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    Exercises specifically for 'Mature' Laser sailors

    Knee bends & squats work. I don't really go to one particular video. Build strength, stamina and flexibility.
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    Exercises specifically for 'Mature' Laser sailors

    You will find a decent number of dinghy specific exercises on You tube. Granted, many of these are given by Olympians and directed to younger sailors. So us older folks would do less reps , use less weight. The best thing to do (assuming Gym is closed due to COVID) is to buy some exercise...
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    “Practice” sails, blades etc.

    In most cases, a practice sail would be a non class legal sail. So you can sail with it and have fun, but if it's not legal to use in many regattas. Now there are new boats in the same category.
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    Looking to put a fair price on an older Laser

    I would say $1500 is fair. That is based on the modern parts you have and a sail in good condition. Certainly no more than $1500. Good Luck.
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    Wooden Sailfish from 40s/50s.

    That's really cool. Someone might want that boat. But they better have woodworking skills and some time on their hands. I don't think it has monetary value in that condition. It would make a decent trainer on a lake.
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    Attaching a sheet to one's PFD for safety

    I have been separated from my Sunfish many ways in many conditions (mostly racing ) . Usually the boat goes head to wind quickly (if it stays upright) . If it sails on it's own , that is a fluke . In that case , you might have to swim 40-50 yards to catch up with it . The boat won't go...
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    Attaching a sheet to one's PFD for safety

    I would never do that . The last thing I want in the event of a capsize is a rope attached to (or around me ) . If you ever fall out of a dinghy (to windward, leeward, or even over the stern), the boat will typically head to weather in seconds. If you can't swim that short distance back...