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  1. Nicholson58

    Question What is the fastest a Sunfish can go?

    Always fun when they hummmmmmm! 25 in the Tornado a couple weeks ago. Jib, main, AS spinnaker. :eek: Rooster tail behind the Lee rudder.
  2. Nicholson58

    mast up storage

    Did you ever feel like you were swimming upstream? If you are storing for winter then take it down. It’s not that big and makes a dandy tarp support. Why buy a motor that cannot be fueled at a marina? Our cruising rally fleet members in the Caribbean have universally dumped propane due to...
  3. Nicholson58

    Titling and Registering my Sunfish - 2 of them.

    In Michigan we have several times acquired untitled old boats. Went to the sec of state and asked them to generate one. No problem especially for pre-title aged small boats. Just find a clerk who is willing. Try a different office location maybe out in the backwoods.
  4. Nicholson58

    Question Boatlift

    Look for a jet ski lift. Used lifts are plentiful around here. Usually 1/3 the cost of new or less. also, a pontoon lift with the bunks close together could lift two at once
  5. Nicholson58

    Any value at all to a sailboat with no mast?

    Nice boat. I’d fix it
  6. Nicholson58

    Another Leaky Daggerboard Trunk

    You will have an opportunity to do this again. Fixed and built a lot of FRP, many boats. Good luck
  7. Nicholson58

    How to land a sunfish going with the wind and no beach?

    Decide if you need to be port or starboard side on. Usually a but into the wind. Head up and let the main full out so the boat stalls zero speed and drifts slowly against the dock. Do this board up or down. landing a sunfish is easy
  8. Nicholson58

    Old Sunfish spars and spar repair question

    My very old Sunfish. Eye bolts. I’m an old fahrt so this is the only set up I know
  9. Nicholson58

    Another Leaky Daggerboard Trunk

    If you have broken fiberglass you will not repair it using gunk. Any non structural patch, sealant needs to be removed and the area scuffed up before adding new glass and (epoxy) resin about two inches or more beyond the damage in all directions. The CB trunk is highly loaded and flexes a lot...
  10. Nicholson58

    Cracked Hull

    This can be repaired from outside but a structural patch will leave a bit of a lump. This can be feathered into a long and broad area, not too noticeable. a proper repair would be done from inside. The easiest method would be to add a port on the deck to work through
  11. Nicholson58

    Any value at all to a sailboat with no mast?

    Tatan 28 Is that an autocorrect error? Titan or Tartan? used masts can be found. Do you have the hardware or the broken mast? There are internal and external splints that can repair most masts. Boat yards such as Torresen in Muskegon, Michigan have racks of parts and masts. Look on...
  12. Nicholson58

    Will FJ fit in back of pickup truck?

    I use a CB dolly to load transom first my Sunfish into my S10. I use rope hooks on the box sides to a plank stuck into the CB slot. Gate down, plastic bed liner. No problems even with long haul. Use a flag on the bow.
  13. Nicholson58

    Looking to step up?

    BTW, the same seller also has a Hobie 16 on a trailer, same price.
  14. Nicholson58

    Flying dutchman

    I single hand this Tornado, jib, main, AS spinnaker often. Just pick your wind and gain technique in peaceful weather. I don’t pop the kite if it’s chippy. learn y boat and start at main only.
  15. Nicholson58

    Found boat
  16. Nicholson58

    Nifty idea

    Looks good even for a multi-decker. If it’s exposed you will need tie downs
  17. Nicholson58

    What is it?

    I’ve sailed this lake for over 60 years. You know more by understanding what persistent shifts to expect for various land forms and wind direction. I applied this to racing on Lake Erie on a Heritage One Ton for 20 years. The shifts hold out 5 miles. The compass was bupkis.
  18. Nicholson58

    Mast step broken: is it repairable?

    Check on line. There are sources for wound glass tubes. Yours looks pretty raw. Try McMaster Carr. Try US Composites where you can get 635THIN Epoxy and a wide variety of glass, carbon fiber, fillers and other reinforcements. Your big port should give plenty of access. A Fine multi tool or...
  19. Nicholson58

    Deck/hull reattach

    Looks like a good chance for success. Get rid of the steel cable bridle. I replaced with 1/4” Dynema. No more damage to the tiller varnish.
  20. Nicholson58

    What is it?

    I sail exclusively on small inland lakes. A compass would get in the way, be useless. If you sailed big water with fog likely then maybe OK but I’d prefer a hand held hockey puck bearing compass. I wore one racing big boats for many years.