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    Daggerboard size

    That's some interesting insight! Adjusting the daggerboard size for the Laser 4.7 makes sense given the smaller sail area. Lifting it to optimize performance sounds like a smart move, especially in windy conditions. Have you tried it out yet?
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    What is the ideal weight range for Ilca 7

    Hey! Your weight is actually pretty close to the ideal range for the ILCA 7. At 78kg, you should have good control in windy conditions. Just keep practicing and adjusting your technique to match the conditions!
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    News 2024 ILCA Masters World Championships – [WRAP UPS]

    Adelaide sure turned up the heat for the 2024 ILCA Masters Worlds! Sweltering conditions made for a challenging start, but that afternoon breeze was worth the wait. Excited for what's next!
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    Laser 2 jib

    Hey there! Have you checked out any sailing or boating forums? Sometimes people sell used gear there. Also, keep an eye on local classifieds or Facebook Marketplace. Good luck!
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    Laser with no hull ID number (HIN)?

    I'm slightly off-topic, but do you guys know where to get an ID checker system? I need to install one on my laptop, and my friend advised me to check out Have you worked with it? Please share your recommendations!
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    Laser with no hull ID number (HIN)?

    Sometimes older boats might not have the HIN in the usual spot. Check under the deck near the transom or inside the hull. It's possible some older Lasers were made before HINs were standard. You could also try contacting the manufacturer for more info.