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    I have the opposite problem, I am 186/76kg and usually have medium tall in wetsuits. Havent found any hikers in size MT so I have to go with size large which fit a bit loose and are on the short side for me. :( I have previously used rooster and recenty bought a pair of sandiline airXlight for...
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    Vang quick release

    Not sure I understand what you mean. I have a caribiner for the cunningham, but want an easy way to remove the entire vang from the mast as I dont want to leave it in the boat with my new fancy blueanodized titanium blocks. :D I will try out the rooster drop nose quick pin. It looks promising.
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    Vang quick release

    Went to my local sailing chandlery. They had a rooster drop nose pin, so I will try that. :)
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    Vang quick release

    Not a fan of split rings, so I am looking for a quick release option for the vang attachment to the mast. Are there any secure options out there?