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    Hull weight

    Thanks for the replies. Well I’m going to re-weigh, more along the method in the photo, except I’m going to hang from my garage beam. I used the two scale method (using hanging scales), but I don’t trust it. Too light. I’m going to working with the fan as well. I’m in SoCal, and it is really dry...
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    Hull weight

    I have in my garage a 1978 model boat, based on the number on the transom, built by Performance Sail Craft. My son sailed it a bit a couple of years ago, and complained it it is a heavy boat (and that’s why it is so slow…go figure). Anyway, I’ve had it in my garage for the last 4 days, with a...
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    J24 Tilt Cradle

    Hi - I was wondering if anybody out there has the basic design for a J24 tilt cradle, in order to load into a 40' container at an angle. I have recently moved from Perth to Atlanta and am playing with the idea of shipping my boat here. If you have a basic design, or could send some photos, would...