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  1. Wavedancer

    QuikGrip (to carry rudder + daggerboard)

    The eighties look is fashionable again.... And no tariff(s) as this beauty was made in the USA!
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    Need instructions on how to reinforce Laser mast step

    If you enter Mast Step Repair in the Search box (upper right hand corner) and limit your search to this forum, a great many relevant threads will show up
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    Boat Value question?

    I would think a little lower (~3K) than Rob's estimate, but I would like to know more about the 'add-ons', like the sail (Mk II?).
  4. Wavedancer

    Laser boom reinforcement

    I read (on another website, but from a reputable source) that LP is still having cash-flow issues. US dealers have to pre-pay and then they have to wait a long time for their orders to arrive. No way to run a business!
  5. Wavedancer

    Laser – Semaine Olympique – Hyères FRA – Day 5

    Wearn also won the Medal Race. What an amazing week he had!
  6. Wavedancer

    Laser Island Voyages Back In The Day

    Sorry to read about the loss of your cat. 'Outdoor' cats typically don't live as long as indoor ones for a variety of reasons. As an example, one of our cats was hit by a car.
  7. Wavedancer

    First Nationals of the season in atrocious weather conditions

    1. Where do they launch from; Muiden? 2. Was this a youth regatta, or can I participate as well (grumpy old guy)? 3. Unrelated: Have the Dutch decided who will represent the country for the Olympics (Laser Men). I think that Mariet B was selected to sail the Radial in Japan.
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    Laser – Semaine Olympique – Hyères FRA – Day 3

    Down Under rules the waves!
  9. Wavedancer

    Laser stored on a trailer

    Since you didn't see any deformation, I wouldn't worry about it. Just go sailing... And 1988 may have been a very good year;
  10. Wavedancer

    Ideal Weight

    Just my opinion of course, but I think that this topic is a lot about nothing. For instance in the very recent World Cup event (Genoa), the winds were quite light and the lighter guys and gals must have benefitted. The wind for the medal races was around 5 mph, 'gusting' to a frightful 10 mph...
  11. Wavedancer

    Laser drainage process

    To summarize, the bailer is quite useful in heavy conditions when a lot of water gets into the footwell. In light weather, just keep the bailer closed (stopper in).
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    Welcome to the ILCA Dinghy class!

    Thanks LaLi for posting that info. It appears that ILCA is moving steadily forward with their plans, whether we like it or not. And I agree with Torrid's "YAWN" that Torch, Gamma or Prism would have been more 'interesting/catchy' as a name for our single-hander.
  13. Wavedancer

    Laser drainage process

    Exactly as Rick described. Just in case you need to replace the bailer, the process isn't difficult. And I have seen seasoned sailors holding up the bow (on a soft surface) to almost vertical to drain their somewhat leaky hull.
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    Laser or Pico for a family?

    I sailed a Pico on a vacation about ten years ago. My recollection is nicely summarized by Riv: My club has a fleet of 6 Picos. They are little used by adults as they are too low, shallow and uncomfortable. Occasionally an adult will go out with a 6yr old or older. There is not enough room in...
  15. Wavedancer

    Missing Expansion Foam on 1972 Sunfish?

    I would leave this alone, assuming the block is in its proper place and 'connected' to deck and bottom; perhaps the 'builder' used a minimum amount of expanding foam rather than an excess. A bit drunk at the time; it was Friday...
  16. Wavedancer

    Advisory Statement Regarding Training Boats

    The swords are drawn... Unfortunately...
  17. Wavedancer

    Trailex SUT 220

    Maybe a longer draw bar (I think it's called) on your tow vehicle?
  18. Wavedancer

    Mark II Standard Sail

    Skinny end goes in first. See the earlier part of this thread for the explanation.
  19. Wavedancer

    Laser Island Voyages Back In The Day

    The Great Lord of all Rodents will give you credit for giving him/her another chance...