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    Can a Laser be rigged using only the top of the mast?

    To step mast if it is on a dolly tilt the boat to one side before putting mast in. the angle makes it easier to put in. same for removing mast
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    New laser tiller Or Put an ad in the wanted section. there should be someone who upgraded there tiller and has the old style
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    Repair Foam Daggerboard Resurfacing

    This is easy to use
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    Dolly tire replacement

    these might work for you Solid Dolly Wheel
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    Top 10 male Laser sailors
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    Laser Storage on hull straps, why Bad idea?

    Anyone used one of these, not for storage but launching. Would need some padding modification. They made one with a strap but it appears to be unavailable...
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    Spar Racks

    yes also dolly stands that come apart
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    Spar Racks

    Yes but on some boats depending on the year, manufactures the space between the end of the grab rail and cockpit are slightly different Also there is a spot for a rolled sail
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    Spar Racks

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    Travel Covers

    Get the top gun fabric. Check out Slo Sail and Canvas in California
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    Tragic accident
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    whos using what for gps tracking apps?

    I have some available. contact me if interested
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    whos using what for gps tracking apps?

    Garmin GPS sports camera mounted on the rear sport camera mount
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    Stuck Carbon Top Section

    A flat file might work better
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    Spar caddy

    Thinking of making a few of the wood ones shown above. The large cutout is for a rolled sail on a tube
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    A question on using class legal sails

    It depends if you finish first or last place in the regatta or somewhere in between
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    1970s official laser compass

    It could be used to make a perpetual trophy for some event
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    Bottom compound and wax

    To Wax, or Not to Wax: An Engineering Perspective