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    Reglassing The Entire Hull

    You have an older boat. I would airtest and fix the leaks and go sailing. If you want paint it. You want the boat light and smooth for performance. Weight is a bad thing.
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    What trailer is this one?

    Had an older trailer that had been in our family since new but not registered for years. Had all the paperwork Went to it again to sell it. The NYS registration office said it had been purged and then took the paperwork and entered it as homemade. In NYS you have to have the trailer weighed...
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    MiniFish Frozen Drain Plug ideas

    As pointed out you need a very big blade screwdriver full width of the slot. Lots of spray. Put a big adjustable wrench on the screwdriver and try turning the screwdriver with the wrench. Start with small pressure in on direction and then the other then spray let it sit. Keep repeating slowly...
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    Question Conversion to new Rudder…

    You already have the new style blade
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    Question Fatheading a pinhead Minifish cat rig

    Looking at the portsmith numbers a laser is faster
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    Question Boatlift

    What type? Is this outdoor, putting them in water? Is the storing them when not in use?
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    new rudder conversion

    They will pop out but not the easiest to reset on the water. Do you have the plastic tube on the carriage bolt? That is a pretty good crack in the blade.
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    What is it?

    Nicholson58 if you go to most competitive sunfish regattas most sail with a compass, even on inland lakes. They help on where to start. You can spot wind shifts. When you look at the fast sailors boat deck. you see lots of pencil numbers of compas changes on the deck as they track the wind.
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    Padeye and Camcleat versus 'the Hook' versus Ratchet Block?

    Alan Glos on this site often has the parts used.
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    Sunfish racing tactics?

    The above comments are all correct. jjcsunfish practce a lot time on the water is important. Are there good sailors at your club to see what you are doing, question and answers, debrief? I would go to outside regattas the more you race the better. I have been to some that the top sailors...
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    What is it?

    Compass mount. I had the same setup. Compass would twist off for storage.
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    Padeye and Camcleat versus 'the Hook' versus Ratchet Block?

    You have a pre 71 sunfish so having the blocks rot would not be uncommon. I would replace the wood since you have it open i would not worry about open grain and get out on the water. I do wonder how you are going to replace the top block and deck and carry the load from the rudder in big...
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    Part came out

    Those look like rivets which expand when installed so getting them back in wont work. Is there a block of wood that you can feel with a nail in the holes? If there is a block, I would fill and put in screws. If not you can get new pop rivets, aluminum and if installed correctly will expand and...
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    Padeye and Camcleat versus 'the Hook' versus Ratchet Block?

    Did you put in the plastic inserts? Normally the screws go into a wood backing block. I would not undo all the screws as if the block is there it could drop. If the block is there i would fill and redrill. If you poke in hole you can confirm if the block is there. If you flip your boat and here...
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    Padeye and Camcleat versus 'the Hook' versus Ratchet Block?

    If your rudder pops out with the soft tube. The vertical tube was hard plastic to keep the upper and lower parts in line. PTFE tube is 8547K31 You have to drill the tube out a little for the bolt from Breeze Bender
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    Padeye and Camcleat versus 'the Hook' versus Ratchet Block?

    Do you have the plastic tube that goes on the vertical bolt on your rudder? If you find your rudder pops out the plastic tube helps that.
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    Part came out

    from Lee Montes is good There are lots of versions
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    Part came out

    What is the number on the upper right on the stern of the boat? You could just use a shock cord which allows adusting the board and it retains the board if you flip.
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    Padeye and Camcleat versus 'the Hook' versus Ratchet Block?

    As Lvw says stainless screws, washers and nylon stop nuts. You want the washers to spread the load. Look under the lip and you will see how much room you have to work with. ⁸ Picture from gzblac2