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    Question  Can someone tell me what these may be for?

    I have purchased a 1970 Catalina Omega 14 (Hull #444) that have these mounted on the transom. It came with a British Seagull outboard that has it's own mounting clamps so it doesn't go on these. Does anyone know what these are for? I'm guessing maybe they had a trolling motor maybe? I don't know...
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    Omega's - why can't I find much?

    I was looking for an Omega 14 (not the Capri 14.2) and have only found 5 of them for sale in the entire country. I checked Facebook, Offer Up, and CraigsList. There are 2 in Long Beach, one in LA (sold), one in Fresno, one in Gilbert AZ, one outside of Dallas, and one in Minnesota. Did you end...
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    Capri/Omega 14 - good deal?

    I was looking for one of these boats specifically. When I saw the damages especially to the transom I veered away from buying this boat. There is a nicer one in Long Beach on Offer Up that I know you can get for $550. It has a 1958 trailer but the boat is an '84. There are some stress cracks by...