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  1. Repete

    Sunfish Forum Photo Gallery / Files ..... moved?

    It's been a while since I have been back on the forum..... did the Photo Gallery / Files move since Wayne managed this forum ? Regards to all you Sunfish skippers up here.
  2. Repete

    Skipping stone, Good Morning from Kalamazoo, Michigan. Is your "2002 Fish" still for sale ? Is...

    Skipping stone, Good Morning from Kalamazoo, Michigan. Is your "2002 Fish" still for sale ? Is the sail a race legal North sail? Could you send your photos to my personal email petersarelis@gmail ? I have sent you a PM email. I am looking to upgrade from a 1979 hull and rig. Thank you, Pete
  3. Repete

    New Laser Performance Two Loop Bridle wears out after 3 hour sail

    Ah, thanks. I misread the intent that the third loop is allowed in racing. I appreciated this forum and the depth of information from all of it's members. Cheers, Pete.
  4. Repete

    New Laser Performance Two Loop Bridle wears out after 3 hour sail

    Thanks for the link. The three loop bridle is no longer allowed in class sailing. One can tape over the middle loop and keep your bowline to the port side. I sailed this way for a while. Second, this replacement part does not say it is class legal equipment provided by the builder ( which now is...
  5. Repete

    Lets Talk Trailer Bunk Placement...

    I run with John Howards design as well. A key to his design is that is also incorporates the use of keel rollers as the actual load points. The tailor fit bunks help with on and off of a nicely waxed boat. These bunks should be equal if not just a hair less in height to allow the keel rollers to...
  6. Repete

    New Laser Performance Two Loop Bridle wears out after 3 hour sail

    I am stretching the use of tape elsewhere on the bridle.......... any replies to these class rules would be helpful, thank you. 3.7.6 Either one or both of the following bridles may be installed: 1. The wire bridle with a loop in the center, supplied by the Builder on older boats. The loop may...
  7. Repete

    New Laser Performance Two Loop Bridle wears out after 3 hour sail

    I just spoke with a representative at Laser Performance. There have been some issues with the new vinyl coated bridle / travelers. My situation falls under the warranty of the item. I will be receiving a new parts to replace the failed one from my original dealer. Maybe I should "pre-tape" this...
  8. Repete

    New Laser Performance Two Loop Bridle wears out after 3 hour sail

    I just installed a "builder provided" two loop bridle / traveler this past Sunday prior to a great day of sailing. I replaced a homemade two-loop bridle to become class legal for an upcoming regatta. The new white vinyl on the bridle looked thin or milky. After three to four hours of heavy wind...
  9. Repete

    Repairing a large hole in the hull.

    Great find...........................Full Sails Joey............. I am wet suiting till the end of October then seriously preparing the ice boat for hardwater..... Cheers
  10. Repete

    Repairing a large hole in the hull.

    Joey, any headway on the keel impact area or the transom overlay idea? I hope all is well at your home port. Cheers from Kalamazoo
  11. Repete

    Saltwater Sunfish

    ........ and to add to Kevin's words of advice....... rinse the skipper (s) too...... :rolleyes:
  12. Repete

    Saltwater Sunfish

    One design is one design, simple as that. The hardware is the same. What H20 you are sailing in is the only difference. After sailing in saltwater there is a recommended "fresh water" rinse of your spars, sail, and hardware to prevent the corrosion brought on by saltwater. I have not sailed in...
  13. Repete

    Testing for hull leaks

    :O Ditto.....The 11th Commandment could be....keep water / moisture out of your hull ! The soap and bubble test is done with air introduced into the hull via an inspection port or the original hull drain opening. Yes, please refer to the Knowledge Base on this forum as noted by...
  14. Repete

    Repairing a large hole in the hull.

    Joe, I would follow the video mentioned in "Shoreline99's" previous post. The video is well produced. Yes, create a patch by casting on top of "Betty" and transfer that patch to your compromised hull. Roughen the surfaces that will be used to create the bond (ie...
  15. Repete

    1984 Sunfish -- Water in Hull :(

    I had a similar situation with my 79 Fish. She was dry as a bone, but after four hours on the lake there was a half a cup of water from transom drain. I installed a deck port to remount the coaming, different project, so I would use that to dry the hull between outings. I did the pressure test...
  16. Repete

    Wayne Carney sails off to final reward

    God's Speed indeed, Wayne. I am taken back reading about this. I am indebted to Wayne for all his wisdom and brotherhood of sailing he willingly shared with all. He helped me reproduce an original set of drawings for the Sailfish and Sunfish. I too will remember Wayne for the way I set up and...
  17. Repete

    Media Wedding gift repainted

    May you have full sails with her for your next 29 years........ .........oh yeah, and your wife too ;). Yes, a very neat gift idea for a wedding anniversary. May you both ( and the Sunfish) enjoy many more years together. Congratulations on both your anniversary and the Sunfish...
  18. Repete

    Hiking for an Old Man

    Bravo Wayne, very funny reference to the creative geniuses of Wallace and Grommit. :D.....................Spot ON my good boy !
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    Media Sea Dogs: Who has one? or more than one!

    Brutus (Boston Terrier) first mate. Has only jumped overboard once to attempt to get to some geese. He has not tried that since. The handle on the back of his PFD came in handy for a "recovery on the fly" with one hand on the tiller and the other to pick up a 28lb wet dog . I may save a...
  20. Repete


    Iceboating can be dangerous if you sail alone. Find a group in your area to try a boat out. I started in a borrowed DN. I now have built my own iceboat and joined a local club. It is addicitve. Ice + Wind = Speed. Watch the attached video of a J14 and then visit a very popular web site here...