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  1. leob1

    Super porpoise?

    I have one too, in New Jersey. Got it for free because it had some holes through it. A little fiberglass, a little paint, learning to sail, and I'm all set. Haven't sailed the last few years for various reasons. one of which was having to find a house and move. The house I did buy is about a...
  2. leob1

    Interesting Nautical Terms on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace etc.

    I've seen many paddle craft that come with 'ores' or 'orrs'.
  3. leob1

    I wrecked my boat, so what did I do wrong?

    As a fellow Super Porpoise owner, I'd really like to see some pics of the damage.
  4. leob1

    Something is sliding back and forth in my mast when It is tilted

    I thought the cork plugs prevented the mast from filling with water, which would help keep you from turtling when you go over. I stuck racquetballs in my mast to replace the cork dust.
  5. leob1

    Substitute knot for mast cleat

    Have you looked at the spar hitch?
  6. leob1

    Which wind forecast app(s) do you use?

    I use the free version of Windy.
  7. leob1

    Towing Question- Need Advice

    Buy a Harbor freight trailer before you leave, don't assemble it, register it in Co. When you get to the point your ready to pick up the boat, assemble the trailer. You'll have to figure out how to secure it to the trailer, but ratchet straps and foam blocks should help. Drive boat back home...
  8. leob1

    Restoring a Split Rudder

    You need to add some butterfly patches across the crack. I had a dagger board that had a crack, I fixed it by adding butterfly patches across the crack on both sides, offset from each other. Then GENTLY spreading the crack and dripping in epoxy, and epoxying the butterflys and clamping it...
  9. leob1

    Please help me get new to me Super Porpoise up and running.

    Definitely set up your sail on the trailer, to get the position of the gooseneck and halyard so the sail is higher in the back, and to practice getting it up and down. My SP is not very happy sailing close hauled, unless it's really blowing. So don't expect much when it's a milder, safer day...
  10. leob1

    Sailing a Florida Sunfish in New Jersey Waters

    I've sailed at Round Valley, Spruce Run and Swartswood lake in my unregistered Super porpoise, never any issues with John Q Law. As long as it's a small sail boat and your not causing any trouble for anyone else I can see it as a problem. YMMV. Assunpink is usually a 'you must be fishing' to...
  11. leob1

    Hoisting Sail is a Two Person Job?

    I have a Super Porpoise, it's a bit bigger sunfish clone, it has the same rigging. There is no way I can get the sail up by just pulling he halyard. I have to pull the halyard, while holding up the gooseneck. Just like Gator Bill described. Once it's up it's easy to hold the halyard with...
  12. leob1

    Mast/Spars/Sail Storage Tube

    I used three sections of round metal duct joined together with duct tape, and end caps to store my sail and spars. If I didn't the mice would have gleefully chewed it to shreds. The only problem I ever had was that some condensation built up inside over the winter.
  13. leob1

    Old dog, new tricks

    How did it work on the round parts, tiller and hiking stick? I can see how it would be good for the flat parts, rudder and daggerboard.
  14. leob1

    Super Porpoise replacement rudder

    As a fellow Super Porpoise owner, I did some research and not only is it difficult to find information about them, but spare parts are rare. If you need spares your left to look for someone that has stuff they are willing to sell. This is a good place to ask. Good sailing.
  15. leob1

    Car Topping a Sunfish...first time went well

    The bow and stern tie downs prevent the boat from moving sideways. No matter how tight you think your other straps are, just a little bit of sid to side movement can loosen the boat, and then a preventable disaster. I put my 14 foot kayak on the car for a short 3 mile trip, without the bow...
  16. leob1

    Pennsylvania Fish and Boat commission registration issues

    Where in NJ do you want to sail? I've sailed at Round Valley, in my unregistered Super Porpoise, never questioned. YMMV. I've also heard that you could register it as a sailing dingy, do know the requirements, you could ask at the MVC what they are. Good Luck.
  17. leob1

    Prepping hull to repaint

    Here ya go,
  18. leob1

    Free Sunfish... little wet

    He will sell you the sail?
  19. leob1

    Taking sailing lessons on a sunfish this weekend

    Glad you enjoyed your sail! How was the water quality? Any issues with the HAB? I want to go there, but my wife is all in a tizzy because of the warnings and closures.
  20. leob1

    Caulk, Sealant & Epoxy reccomendations!

    For inspection ports I've used silicone. West Marine Marine Silicon is fine. For holes in my Super Porpoise I used epoxy and fiberglass cloth. I ground out around the hole to made a depression, then cut the cloth so it was just a bit smaller, and a second piece a bit smaller than that. Mix...