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  1. Sam Mcguire

    Question J24 on the hard for a year

    Buy or borrow a moisture detector , they cost about 50.00 on Amazon. Run it over the transom ,hull and deck note the readings. If there are other J 24's in your area or at your club you can use these to create a baseline. It not unusual to have some moisture in these areas.The question is what...
  2. Sam Mcguire

    Wanted  Iso Hatch slide

    I am looking for an acrylic Hatch slide. Location VA
  3. Sam Mcguire

    Bungee Cord for Backstay

    I do not have a picture of my set up. But mine is a 2:1 setup. I have a microblock shackled to the BS at the split , before the bridle. I have a nylon snap end attached to top of bridle assembly led through block and tied off on pulpit.
  4. Sam Mcguire

    What size engine

    I have tied a few engines over the past few seasons. The boat came eith a 4 hp johnson , great power to weight ratio but too unreliable. Then a i tried a couple of tohatsu 4 strokes 4 hp and 6hp same motor diferent carbs. It was reliable but very heavy. Not so much being stored below but when...
  5. Sam Mcguire

    Considering painting a J24 hull, any advice on what paints work well for racing?

    I put 4 coats of interprotect 2000 ,it is an epoxy barrier coat that is essential for any boat that is left in the water. A barrier coat creates a barrier that inhibits osmosis of salt water through the factory gelcoat into the core. Which is how a boat can gain weight. I then went with Petit...
  6. Sam Mcguire

    Hey Nick I am interested in your Jib. Please call me 570-449-4540 Sam M

    Hey Nick I am interested in your Jib. Please call me 570-449-4540 Sam M
  7. Sam Mcguire

    Bottom Paint

    I recently put a "wet "Bottom on mine last year 3 coats of interprotect 2000 and 3 coats of Vivid