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  1. imported_Andy

    inspection port

    The hole... Incidentally, if you have a specific repair to do, it may be easier to cut the hole the do the repair before you put the port in... gives you a little extra room to maneuver.
  2. imported_Andy

    inspection port

    I've used 6" and 4" inspection ports... I can't imagine needing (or wanting!) a 10". I prefer the 6", with one in the middle of the rear deck as far aft as possible, and the other centered in the 'V' between the splash guard and the front of the centerboard trunk. That will allow access to the...
  3. imported_Andy

    Wind kept me in on Monday.

    My ideal for the Sunfish is in the 10-15 range with gusts of no more than low twenties. I'm 6', 225, so I've got plenty of ballast, but at 66, much more than that just isn't fun for me. (IMHO with gusts of 36 you're going to start breaking stuff) With my O'day Daysailer I prefer a little less...
  4. imported_Andy

    Wood Sunfish Feedback

    Just put it out in as many places as possible. CL, Sunfish groups such as this one, our local sailing club newsletter, and eBay. There's someone out there will want to buy it, but it took me two seasons to sell mine. Lots of folks would love to own one, but when it comes down to it they realize...
  5. imported_Andy

    Wood Sunfish Feedback

    Last year I sold my 1963 mahogany Sunfish for $2800. It was virtually in 'like new' condition. It took a while to get that, and as mentioned here it took just the right buyer. (The purchaser paid to have it shipped to Cape Cod where he sails it in the ocean - not my first choice for where I'd...
  6. imported_Andy

    Want to buy a practice racing sail; which one is better?

    Imho, if your sail is at least reasonably good, I'd go for the daggerboard...
  7. imported_Andy

    Sunfish bridle backing block

    Bottom of the block... Bolt goes through the eyestrap, then the deck, then the block, then the fender washer...
  8. imported_Andy

    Sunfish with my lady friend?

    I'm 5' 11'' - 230... so close to your size. It will be very uncomfortable, very quickly with two of you on a Sunfish. The weight is no problem... we've had 11-12 kids on a Sunfish at sailing camp and it still floats, but something like a daysailer would be much more comfortable. The other...
  9. imported_Andy

    Removed screw and the backing block fell off...

    I've had to do this a couple of times, and found that it's really tight with a 4" port. I installed a 6" port, and had to use a knife to cut away some flotation foam to access the underside of the holes. When reattaching fittings I've always use a small piece of marine plywood, stainless bolts...
  10. imported_Andy

    Wanted your opinion on the differences between old and new sunfish...

    Agree everyone, but just wanted to throw out there that if you're not racing anyway, you might want to look at a Force 5... Probably less money than a laser, but definitely more performance than a Sunfish...
  11. imported_Andy

    Refurbishing a Vintage SF - Where to Start

    Really nice job!
  12. imported_Andy

    Transporting a Sunfish on its side.

    Thanks for the responses. I'm thinking car topping will be the way to go....
  13. imported_Andy

    Wooden Sunfish restoration questions

    Hey Jim, Just fyi, on my boat there are three inspection ports in the cockpit.. Two fore, and one aft. I'm not certain, but I always assumed this was for safety. I'm pretty sure the whole area behind the cockpit, and the area in front of the cockpit which is divided into two sections side to...
  14. imported_Andy

    Transporting a Sunfish on its side.

    I wondered if anyone has thoughts about the wisdom of transporting a Sunfish on its' side? I'm thinking of taking one of my boats to Florida this winter, but because I have some other stuff to take, I'm taking my cargo trailer. To get the boat to fit, I'd have to prop it on edge in the trailer...
  15. imported_Andy

    Wooden Sunfish restoration questions

    Hi Jim, I also have '63 wooden Sunfish. Mine didn't need any restoration, but I agree... Signal Charlie can probably be the most help on restoration. If no one else has the dimensions of the floor boards handy, I'll be glad to measure mine for you. Also, if any pictures would be helpful just...
  16. imported_Andy

    Is there any maintenance that I should do to the bottom of the boat.

    Nope. At least I don't. Just wash it once in a while (or don't). Maybe inspect occasionally for any bad dings or cracks.
  17. imported_Andy

    Family daysailer vs 2nd Sunfish

    I currently have four Sunfish and a Daysailer II. After a short stint with an FJ, I graduated to a Mutineer, which we sailed for about ten years and loved(built by Chrysler,it is 15', and maybe what you're looking at?? similar to a Bandit - same designer(s) I believe). A Mariner was our next...
  18. imported_Andy

    Sail Sale

    Agreed Alan, I've never seen a better value. I also like their 'main sheet hangers'. Cheap, well made, and do the job. Great service as well! ( I too have nothing to do with the company... Just like good stuff at reasonable prices)
  19. imported_Andy

    Sail Sale

    Not sure if anyone already posted this, but Intensity Sails has their red, white, and blue race cut sail (with window) on sale for $99.99. I've used one for about a year and a half, and would recommend it for practice, club racing, or at that price, just as a recreational sail....