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  1. John Young

    whats this off of?

    specifically I'd like a date or year if anyone knows
  2. John Young

    whats this off of?

  3. John Young

    Sunfish Halyard Knot?

    I'm an x boy scout and avid knotsman but for the love of me cannot get the halyard to stay in place, sure my knots hold up but why the slipping maybe electrical tape? what are you doing? clove hitch? timber hitch?
  4. John Young

    Sunfish Dealer poster

    Figured I'd share some positivity in these trying times, Original Amf era dealer poster in frame.
  5. John Young

    Vintage Old 1970's AMF Equipment We Make Weekends Commercial

    here's an old ad I found on youtube (ps I found my link doesn't work on all devices so if that's the case for you just go to youtube and copy the ads title into their searh engine)
  6. John Young How much... How much each for the following? (I listed which photo it was in) Sunfish sail hook (round) Photo 1 2 pad eyes Photo 1 mast halyard cleat w/screws (1972) Photo 1 Bronze gooseneck Photo 3 Mast halyard...
  7. John Young

    Why do you own more than one sunfish

    where are you located in FL? I'm interested in the used mast for $90 John
  8. John Young

    Why do you own more than one sunfish

    Do You still have a sunfish mast in central florida? Thanks John