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    Question Can someone tell me what these may be for?

    Yeah. Flopping into that cockpit from the water is an exercise.
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    Question Can someone tell me what these may be for?

    1. I'm guessing that was an owner mod. 2. If it isn't a motor mount, it could be a mount for a mast crutch.
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    Introduction, Sonoma County

    I hope somebody recognizes what you're describing quicker than I. The forestay clips on the jib are commonly referred to as "hanks". They can be plastic hooks, metal shackles, or in my case snapped webbing loops. Odds are pretty good that my boat is older than yours, so I expect differences. I...
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    Capri/Omega 14 - good deal?

    It's not a bad deal, if you're comfortable doing a little glass and gel coat work. Probably should look into the price of a new set of sails and see how the total price feels to you. If the trailer is doing that to the boat, it might need work too. You should roll in those expenses too. Cheers...
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    Aftermarket Hiking Straps

    It is a 2" wide nylon webbing strap with a loop sewn into one end. If you wanted to use tri-glide slides (also called buckles) at both ends, you don't really need the sewn-in loop. The strap material costs very little. Marine grade slide adjusters will be the expense. Buy a roll of the strap and...
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    Restoring / Rerigging 14.2 (forestay question)

    My hull is open once the hatch board is removed. It looks like you have to remove that box to get/reach into it. I just put a stopper knot in the bungee inside the hull.
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    Restoring / Rerigging 14.2 (forestay question)

    The "hold down" for the centerboard should be a doubled-up bungee that clips to a d-ring on the front of the board and runs to a pad eye in the stern. The rotted-out stuff in the cockpit is the hiking straps (2" nylon webbing) and a bungee line that keeps the elevated off the sole.
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    C14 side and forestay lengths

    The page linked above says to pull the mast forward, then check the measurement from the top of the mast to the center of the transom. Target is 21’ 10 1/2” to 21’11”. You adjust your shrouds evenly until you get that measurement.
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    C14 side and forestay lengths

    Here is a link to the tuning guide most commonly referenced in this forum: Capri 14.2 Tuning Guide | North Sails
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    Water Intrusion Into Keel Slot

    With three people, you can lift it off and on, which I have done in a pinch. But in my yard,I nudged it back on the trailer until just the bow was supported by the bunk boards, lifted the bow, and rotated it until it was clear. To get it back on, I lifted the bow and my son slide the trailer...
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    Water Intrusion Into Keel Slot

    That sounds like a good problem to have. Actually replacing the strips is pretty easy, if you can roll the hull over in the your grass.
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    Wind guidance and preferred apps

    My worst day in the 14.2 was 25+ knots with big gusts. I thought we'd be OK, because I had a great crew and we were doing windward/leeward races. I broke stuff and exhausted myself getting back to shelter and shore. So for me, 25+ is right out. I have also had difficulty the first time around a...
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    Winter Storage

    I have mine in the garage. I have to back it in then cock it sideways for trailer and mast to just fit.
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    Does the mast step base need repair?

    Sorry to see that is such a mess. It sounds like you are doing it right. Best of luck with the repair!
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    What are these holes by the cuddy?

    Shock cord through the holes holds up the hiking straps. At least that what I thought it was for.
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    Does the mast step base need repair?

    When I did a similar repair on a larger boat with a cored deck, I over-drilled from the bottom with a spade bit, leaving the top layer of glass in tact. I then filled the holes with epoxy resin and glass filler. After that cured, I drilled through the original bolt holes from the top. I caulked...
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    sails needed for my capri 14.2

    I think the set I bought ~15 years ago was from UK. I cannot find the paper trail, but whomever I bought them from had them in their design inventory. Catalina Direct carries Ullman, which is a brand I have heard good think about: Catalina Direct Small Boat Sails Catalina Direct used to carry...
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    Centerboard block help

    What about something like this shackle: 5mm Large Open Shackle That ought to work with any small block. Is the 20mm opening wide enough for the CB?
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    Centerboard block help

    1. Congrats. I think we are "in the same boat". 2. I wouldn't replace the "yolk" strap. 3. If I needed to replace the strap, I would look for a shackle with the correct opening at the pin to serve the purpose. Cheers, Karl
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    Catalina 14.2 Pre-Purchase Questions

    People do it to older boats. Could be to cover up stains or to cover cracked gelcoat. It looks like the interior is the original stuff, so you might have a point of comparison.