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  1. norcalsail

    medidas da vela para sunfish

    I thought this post was in Spanish at first but I can usually read Spanish a little bit. I realized this is in Portuguese!
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    Calling St. Pete FL folks

    I used to visit my Dad in Florida every summer and we lived right across the street from the Gulf. We used to swim there all the time and it must be fun to sail there.
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    Video: Towing Norcalsail 5 Miles With A Laser

    That's definitely an adventure and very cool. Just north of Ashland, I see. My favorite sailing is on Big Portage Lake in Land O Lakes, there on the border with the UP. Of course, when a squall comes up, I can usually make it home in time :):):)
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    Video: Towing Norcalsail 5 Miles With A Laser

    Where were you towing to on Superior? Great photo....
  5. norcalsail

    Video: Towing Norcalsail 5 Miles With A Laser

    Well, despite my mishap, that was a fun day. What a beautiful day on Tomales!
  6. norcalsail

    Lee Montes: Tips for Sunfish sailing--video

    Yup, the whole embarrasing footage...
  7. norcalsail

    Lee Montes: Tips for Sunfish sailing--video

    And much more fun when I transferred to your Laser. Hanging out on the deck while you sailed us back was really cool and funny too, LOL... Post the vid Andy, and I hope people will laugh with me and not at me. Or both ...
  8. norcalsail

    Lee Montes: Tips for Sunfish sailing--video

    Andyatos towed me back to the launch in his Laser when I broke my rudder cheek. That was the first time we sailed and he was still willing to sail with me. Truly a great guy!
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    Video: Stealth Sunfish

    Hey Andy Sonfishsky, thanks for the history and a true, morning LOL! I have been sick for the last week, too. I forgot if we discussed this, but do you also have a new Intensity practice race sail? It looks like it in your photos and I seem to recall that you did (maybe). Mine in Wisconsin gave...
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    Video: Stealth Sunfish

    Great video usual. The river seemed to be running pretty well. Did it bust through again? The mouth was closed for awhile, recently.
  11. norcalsail

    News PanAm games (in Chile)

    I saw a great photo of Amanda Callahan sailing, on Facebook the other day. Very cool action shot!
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    Where was this Sunfish Made?

    My 2018 was made in China and has the traditional foam blocks inside. You can see them if you take the drain plug on the deck out.
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    Video: Eddys, Fog and Micrometeorological River Spirits

    Great video Andy. Nice day on the Russian River! Looks like you were pointing pretty well in that section coming back from the Duncan's Mill bridge. Was it less tacking than last time we went? It looked like an easier run home than my previous times. I also like the hill there at minute 2:39...
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    Graphics for sails

    Sailrite sent me a yard x 4 1/2 feet of red adhesive sailcloth for About $45 after shipping). I used tracing paper to trace the Sunfish outline from my LP sail. Then I used that to make a cardboard cutout and with the cardboard cutout, I traced the pattern onto the sail cloth. I carefully cut...
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    Graphics for sails

    I liked my Intensity practice race sail on my new, '69 Sunfish so much, I bought one for my 2018 here in California. I replaced the LP sail in my profile photo with it and took Signal Charlies advice and got some material from Sailrite. I cut my own Sunfish logo and put it on the Intensity sail...
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    How to land a sunfish going with the wind and no beach?

    I always plan on getting wet and swimming when I sail, so I turn into the wind and jump out in shallow water. In Wisconsin, I visit in the summer and sail on days when I plan on being in the lake all day. Here in California, the water in Tomales Bay can be cold but I often get pretty warm...
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    Part came out

    Some wooden Sunfish daggerboards simply have a hole drilled in the top/handle area.
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    Vevor Boat Trailer - Use as a Sunfish dolly?

    Glad to see this post because I have been wondering about these Vevor dollies after seeing them on Ebay for a little over $100. I'm thinking about getting one for next summer to take to Wisconsin. Rick and I are getting tired of lugging our Sunfish collection up and down the hill.
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    What's a good name for a Sunfish ?

    Since being on the Sunfish Forum, I have had to differentiate between my Sunfish here in California and my Sunfish in Wisconsin. So I called the one in CA., "Califish" and the one in Wisconsin, "Oldfish." Well, last June, I bought the '69 Sunfish which I absolutely love. It's older than...
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    What trailer do people prefer these days?

    I had something similar happen to my Trailex. I ordered new parts and replaced the damaged ones. Around here, I'm finding it's easier to throw the Sunfish in the back of my truck with my bed extender and use the PVC dolly I built from Tag's plans. Thanks Tag!