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    Mystery boat?

    Nice! I've sailed Lake Murray in Ardmore a few times while camping out.
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    Mystery boat?

    I'm an Okie alumni.... Are you going to be sailing on Grand Lake?
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    Centerboard Control Blocks Needed- 1988 Capri 14.2

    Hi Ed - is simplifying the whole setup out of the question (since you want to keep it 'original')?
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    Sail Repair Pics

    Very cool! These are the things nobody will ever find by searching Pinterest :p.
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    Video: Sailing Full Moon Tides

    As a fairly new Laser sailor, I never really knew how to stow a bulky oar in such a small cockpit. Your solution was genius!
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    Video: Sailing Full Moon Tides

    Beautiful site! I like how you've secured your oar as well. I'll stop leaving mine in the garage now.
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    Looking for cushions for my Capri 14.2

    These are what I found. I think they're for the backrest of outdoor benches?
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    Capri 14 handbook

    I have the owners manual that came with my boat. What exactly are you looking for?
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    Should there be a gasket on the drain plug?

    Mine is an 86 model as well. The drain plug is black plastic with a red round rubber o-ring. The previous owner treated this boat like it was one of his children, so I wouldn't be surprised if he replaced the original at some point. I like this drain plug because it can't be fully removed...
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    New tiller

    Also love the pic that shows the captain chilling out at the helm but wondering how you were able to sail without the traveler line and mainsheet block that goes at the aft end of the boom?
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    New tiller

    I dig it. I may get one after seeing your installation. Interesting mainsail too, haven't seen one like that before.
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    First sail of the Capri - video

    Looks like fun, thanks for posting the video.
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    Just curious - how long were you on the water, and approximately how much water drained out once you were ashore and pulled the plug?
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    Precision P13... I know... It's not a Laser... but...

    Excellent advice here suggested adding some purchase to the lines. So I added a micro-block to get a 3:1 outhaul, and corrected the cunningham rigging to the standard setup. It wouldn't be too difficult to go from 3:1 to 4:1 on the vang, but not sure if that'd make a real difference? I still...
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    Boom vang necessary/helpful?

    Hi Andy. In addition to the obvious sail tuning functions, I'd figure that the vang helps keep the boom and main sail in place in the event of an unexpected capsize. But then again I'm paranoid of getting knocked down. My notes show a Harken boom vang kit from Catalina direct (minus the line)...
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    Head First

    That is a great picture and a great story too!
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    Precision P13... I know... It's not a Laser... but...

    Any advice on how to better secure the bow to the trailer for transport? The bow eye fairlead has one screw completely stripped (spins freely), and the other is probably close. While the interwebs say that the hull weighs only 140 lbs, I cringe at the thought of the boat breaking loose on the...
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    Main sheet length?

    Followed advice here when making the latch for my replacement door, works pretty good...
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    Main sheet length?

    I have this hinged door design in my pic archives, I think it's from someone on this forum? One heck of a nice job!
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    A Draining Question

    That eye strap is where the shock cord hooks to that holds the centerboard in the down position.