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  1. norcalsail

    Statistics of committment

    I agree and wish I had bought a boat twenty years ago. See you on the bay...
  2. norcalsail

    Missing Expansion Foam on 1972 Sunfish?

    I have some flexing on either side of my splash guard and am wondering about putting in an inspection port to check out the interior. I'm curious to see what it looks like anyway. The tilt is a great solution!
  3. norcalsail

    Fun day sailing with the scouts this weekend

    Great to see all those Sunfish out together.
  4. norcalsail

    First time on the lake with my restored Sunfish...

    Great looking boat and a beautiful lake. I just got a new Trailex trailer and I like your noodle protecting the deck from the tie down. Gonna employ that for my boat.
  5. norcalsail

    Off topic brag

    Can you post some photos?
  6. norcalsail

    Video: A Southeast Day At Tomales Bay

    Oh, and thanks for the compliment on the sail while we were out there, Andy. I wasn't hearing too well and thought you were saying what a beautiful day it was and my response was, "It is..." My wife thought I was being rude! The other really cool part of the video is at the beginning when you...
  7. norcalsail

    Video: A Southeast Day At Tomales Bay

    Another great video from Andyatos. This was a beautiful day and being out there with these guys is like going to sailing school. Also, Andy's high quality video footage lets me share the day with my wife. It was really cool at minute 3:24 when we were all in view and sailing north together. I...
  8. norcalsail

    rudder bushings

    Sounds familiar L&VW...!
  9. norcalsail

    Missing Expansion Foam on 1972 Sunfish?

    I'm happy to say that we're going back to Wisconsin this summer. My knowledge about sailing and the Sunfish has increased vastly since my visit last summer. While I won't have time to do too much, I will be able to evaluate the old Fish. The boat has the diagonal stripe on the aft deck so it's...
  10. norcalsail

    Laser or Pico for a family?

    I was at a boat show recently and saw a Feva. While it was an interesting boat, it was also pea green. It definitely left me wondering...??
  11. norcalsail

    Brand new daggerboard

    Very cool work, love that garage too ...
  12. norcalsail

    Converting a trailer for 2 fish?

    Most of the time, autos with trailers are required to go 55 mph in the U.S. Most of the time they go much faster. Your trailers are really cool. I remember liking them in a previous post.
  13. norcalsail

    Converting a trailer for 2 fish?

    I just ordered a Trailex SUT220 from Castle Craft. It is very light weight and can be used as a dolly. It should make things a lot easier when I go out. It is a one boat only trailer though.
  14. norcalsail

    Blast from the Past

    Very cool-always like to hear these stories...
  15. norcalsail

    What year model?

    Wow, classic Sunfish!
  16. norcalsail

    What year model?

    What a great boat-that thing is gleaming! I'd like to see more pictures that include the sail. Forty six years old? That's a lot of bang for the buck...
  17. norcalsail

    Pacific Boat Show in Richmond CA.

    The 14.2/14.5 mistake may be mine. There are a few of them out there in very good shape for an affordable price. It would almost be worth it to pick one up for the trailer alone. It would be fun to have a stable, roomy boat that was drier than the Sunfish for my wife and family. Probably, I'll...
  18. norcalsail

    For the Bay Area sailors

    Thanks for this information Chris. I was just telling my wife last night that it might be fun to go to the Delta and sail. I'll look into this and plenty of time to prepare if I enter!
  19. norcalsail

    Pacific Boat Show in Richmond CA.

    I've been wondering how it compares to a Hunter 15/17 or a Capri 14.5. It is a good looking boat but one of my flaws is spending too much money on stuff because I "like the way it looks".
  20. norcalsail

    Pacific Boat Show in Richmond CA.

    I went to this boat show with my wife to meet the guys from West Coast Sailing where I bought my Sunfish last July. They had four RS models in the showroom and the RS21 out on the dock. I had been very interested in the RS Quest and wanted to see this particular model. Also, I was very much...