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    Question Replacing a Malfunctioning, Corroded Auto Bailer

    Excellent, Thanks for the help, folks
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    Question  Replacing a Malfunctioning, Corroded Auto Bailer

    Hello, All I was wondering if anyone has had any luck replacing their 'old style' auto bailer with a new, plastic system. My sunfish is likely from before 1972 and the bailer is totally non functioning. It lets water in passively. I had planned on using silicon to seal the system in the mean...
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    Question Old Mahogany Rudder

    Thank you, everyone for the help. I will try to biscuit join it and with epoxy. I have never tried to biscuit join along a broken grain like that but you have all emboldened me to try it. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Thanks again
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    Question Old Mahogany Rudder

    Excellent news. Attached is a picture of the rig before the break. The split is along the grain between the pin holding the spring and the cheek plate.
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    Question  Old Mahogany Rudder

    Hello, Everyone I am new here, looking for some advice. The rudder on my Alcort Sunfish (year unknown) snapped on my last sail. It went clean through in the direction of the grain and needs replacing. The cheek plate and all other hardware are fine. It is just the rudder blade. I want to...