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    Vang Tang Replacement

    I resorted to removing a vang tang from a bent radial lower that I purchased new, lasted a couple of outings in the Gorge, and bent. This vang tang did not fit the hole pattern either. After some bending, hammering and elongating of the lower tang holes, it's on the mast. So, to revive a...
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    Vang Tang Replacement

    The lower came new with a 2009 boat. No markings on the vang tang.
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    Trolly for Laser boats

    RightOn has a trailer that carries 2 boats. Dolly Trailer Systems - RightOn Trailer
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    Vang Tang Replacement

    Has anyone had the problem of the holes on a new ILCA vang tang not matching up with the holes on a Laser (full rig or radial) lower section? I'm curious if there is a general problem in fitting new class legal replacement parts on older class legal spars or if it's a parts sourcing issue with...
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    Laser Kicker With New Allen Top Block

    I use that setup. Spliced loop through the Allen block with a spliced loop on the other end that connects to the harken double block.
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    Laser Cockpit Autobailer "Not class legal for racing" . . . What?

    To add to this discussion, I would suggest thinking about the big picture. We should encourage more sailors to sail Lasers and by doing so built the local fleets and that will eventually increase participation in ILCA events. Most of the Laser sailing occurs at the local clubs. The goal of...
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    Dog Bones - Are they class legal

    For whatever it's worth, there were a few of the composite radial lowers in the US last summer and we gave it a try in reasonably windy (20+) conditions. There was no noticeable difference except that it was still straight at the end of the summer. And it's quite a bit lighter.