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    Carbon top mast section

    CST have posted photo's of their shipments of ILCA sections to Ovington in the past, CST also build for PSA
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    Carbon top mast section

    They're all from CST Composites Facebook
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    sail makers

    North sell direct in the US now New ILCA Dinghy Sails - MK2, Radial, 4.7 | North Sails
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    Composite lower

    I've not got one, but when my current alloy lower develops a permanent bend I'll be going with composite next
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    ILCA vs

    The Radial sail from Laser Performance is their "The Laser Class Sail", with a TLC button, not the world-sailing approved International Laser Class Association button. So the LP sail isn't "legal" at any real class association events. Instead of spending 399 on that you'd be better off getting...
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    Need Engineering Input

    probably popped some of the bondo that holds the cockpit section to the hull
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    Big sailor, big sail

    In terms of big rigs, you could always contact Up Marine about the availability of their C8 rigs Up Marine
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    Leak Half Fixed

    some of the really old boats had a plastic fitting for the drain which can crack/break away and allow water ingress through the bondo-type stuff they glue that part of the cockpit and hull together with. Laser dealers sell replacement brass fittings: DRAIN PLUG COCKPIT BRASS, but if the boat...
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    I find my aero way more comfortable to hike in compared to my laser, much more enjoyable boat to sail and way easier on the legs/knees
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    You can buy the C Rigs now apparently, I've not measured my Aero's mast step depth to compare it to my Laser's, but I reckon it might work... I should rig it up and see :)
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    Carbon Lower

    CST put up a post showing carbon lowers being sent in a shipment for the 2021 Olympics, but your best bet for a real answer is to ask your local ILCA rep directly
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    Class Politics National Class Contributions?

    looks about right, also need to note that the change voted through had the highest member vote participation of any recent member vote. Unlucky the EURILCA leaders were ineffective at influencing their constituency to vote. Good to see that Beat has now resigned.
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    Class Politics National Class Contributions?

    Does your national class list it in their AGM report? In Australia, the national class receives about $7.30AUD from it's members going from the last AGM report, the State Class Associations provide the ILCA Affiliation Fee which looks to be about $13AUD based on this P&L statement and...
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    Class Politics New Laser Class

    There's folks reading this thread that have access to the world council minutes and reports, so could verify if they really wanted to get involved
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    Class Politics New Laser Class

    Will just leave this snippet here from a couple of years ago...
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    Class Politics New Laser Class

    What spec of boat do you propose to revert to? pre-turbo? pre carbon upper? pre mark II sail? pre 3.8Oz cloth? All of those things make the boat better value for money in my opinion and did not require an all-member vote. No longer having top sections snap and destroy a sail, MKII sails...
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    Class Politics New Laser Class

    LP can't sell the "Laser" world-wide through dealers unless they get agreement for the use of the starburst and laser name in the regions PSA and PSJ have the trademark... Given LP don't want to accept current PSA and PSJ boats into their TLC class, I expect LP will have some challenges...
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    Class Politics New Laser Class

    I'm not convinced TLC is independent of the builders and 100% for the sailors, my feel is it's a front for LP similar to the ISCO they setup which World Sailing rejected. I'm sure it's not a co-incidence the domains are all managed by the parent companies preferred supplier: