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    Capri 14.2, mast spreaders

    I have two sets of spreaders( I don't have the lengths at hand to measure). In principle, which is best ? a longer spreader or a shorter one. Does it matter? Both are OEM by Catalina. Thanks for comments! Barry
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    Improvement Pictures #1

    The bridle is a triangular line,tied at metal ring "C" where the main sheet attaches. The line runs free through metal rings attached at the corners of the transome, the lines are tied to metal ring "B". The snap hook "A" is attached ny line to the nicking strap. Imagine unhooking snap A, now...
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    Improvement Pictures #1

    i have found a way simular tothe above method, which holds holds the main sheet and the boom to the center of the boat; and allows for an adjustable traveler which which allows the main sheet/boom to move to lee ward in high wind. If any one is interested I try to post a picture.
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    Small outboard motors on Capri 14.2

    Re: ladder on Capri 14.2. There is no need to cut port holes, or access holes, in a Capri Inorder to add a ladder. It can be done by simply by bolting thru, using expanding foam, and bracing plates. The less holes the better, and the smaller holes the better. Bdh333
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    Small outboard motors on Capri 14.2

    I use a 30lb, Minn Kota electric motor, 12 volt battery whichisin the cubby and modified auto jumper cables to connect the two. Battery weight in the bow helps balance the boat. Bdh333
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    Small outboard motors on Capri 14.2

    I have a Minkota 30, I keep the battery in the cubby and used heavy duty bumper cables which run from cubby to motor mounted on the transom. I used proper connections at the battery, and a plug at the motor. Simple and has been trouble free. Barry
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    The Greg Coats boarding ladder installation

    I have mounted a ladder with three bolts and backing and without the need to drill a large porthole for access. It has worked fine for two years. The less holes in a boat the better. Barry havens
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    Another ladder Question for a 14.2....

    Pat, I mounted a ladder on my Capri with only three 1/4 inch drill holes, and a backing plate. No large hole drilled in to the side that can leak. It has worked fine for two years. Barryhavens4 at g mail dot com
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    Installing a Tiller Tamer, few questions...

    All good ideas, I don't like to drill in the hull so I just put the traveler on the existing holes at the tran some with a bowline knots and then clip the ends of the tiller tamer line on two the bowline loops. Works fine. Barry
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    Tiller too long?

    thanks for reply. crew is in in front of Barney post and moving side to side. I am moving tiller behind back tacks/gibes. But i am not an experienced sailor. I am wondering if the boat was set up for single handed saililng, hence long tiller, and extension. I will pay attention to technique and...
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    Tiller too long?

    Yes I do.
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    Tiller too long?

    Has anyone found that their tiller gets in the way when tacking? When sailing with two in the boat I have moved the tiller back 6 inches and still find moving from one side to another is awkward. Any suggestions or just get use to it. Thanks Barry
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    Mast support for trailering

    very nice post. i mounted a ladder with out the deck plate. I injected foam into transome, and added 1/4 inch plastic backing on interior of boat. I padded the ladder mounts. I did not use the lower right hand ladder bracket-the one that if you drilled would go into the area under the seat. So...
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    Furling jib questions

    i have an un rigged Harken furling jib. I assume that it is rigged with out the halyard. is that correct? The boat will be stored lake side with the jib up. I would like to put a jib sock on it to protect the jib from UV. Would it make sense to just use the jib halyard ( or a lighter weight...
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    Storage question

    I am considering storing my 1989 Capri 14.2 on the shore of the lake where I will be sailing. Should the hull be on a dolly? Old carpet? Several bumpers or fenders? I am concerned about the hull becoming deformed, or scratched. Any suggestions would be welcome. I am also thinking of making a...