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  1. thieuster

    Winter storage question

    Sound advise. It also depends on where you store the boat: carport, (heated) garage, basement etc. My son's boat is always stored in a greenhouse at a plant nursery during the winter. Last year, we put it on transport to Portugal (Algarve) in December so that he could fly there for training...
  2. thieuster

    Class Politics My Viewpoint: Cartoons on the 2019 ILCA vote and rule change

    A few notes: Yes, roads in Germany are being 'ironed out' as we speak... Despite that, still long traffic jams near Bremen and Hannover. Good to read that someone is taking care of things when we drive up to Gdynia, Dziwnow, Kiel or Rostock! We see more and more sailors and the sailing...
  3. thieuster

    How to get into Laser Racing?

    Sound advice!
  4. thieuster

    Laser Repairing

    Where are you located? NED? GER? BEL? Is there a local boat builder who can mix the colour?
  5. thieuster

    How to get into Laser Racing?

    Dutch Laser Class advises: 4.7: 115 - 132 lbs Radial: 132 - 165 lbs Standard: 165 - 189 lbs So... weight-wise your best chance is the 4.7 at first. The Radial is achievable. But, given your weight and height, you must be prepared to invest in core strength! Gaining weight (muscles) is always...
  6. thieuster

    Heart Rate Monitor

    A very useful thread!. I sent the link to my son who's in Dziwnow this week for the U21 Eurpeans. His first reply: "Really, I am at the harbour and I've spotted at least 10 guys and girls wearing one!" (Granted, that was training. The regatta starts today). Menno
  7. thieuster

    Private Lessons

    When you're totally new to sailing, I would suggest (with >35 yrs of sailing instruction experience behind me...) that you first take a few lessons on a keelboat. That's the best way to experience the sensation of wind - rudder - sail and their interaction. (English isn't my first language, so I...
  8. thieuster

    Replace gooseneck

    Bicycle shops often have a large riveter or better: an air-driven rivet gun. Coincidentally, last week, I've replaced 4 rivets on the boom of a 'polyvalk' (a widely used training boat for Dutch sailing schools here in Holland), using Monel rivets. I had to use an oversized riveter with long...
  9. thieuster

    Zhik 360 Grip II boot? Poor quality - yes this is Laser related

    With other footwear, it acts differently: it gets more slippery and therefore more difficult to hike. It's indeed the 'studded strap'. :( when using it with bare feet. I know that some other hiking straps leave 'burn marks' on feet when sailing without shoes on. A few years back we went to...
  10. thieuster

    Zhik 360 Grip II boot? Poor quality - yes this is Laser related

    Normally I wouldn't write on an open forum about a 'below par' product. Certainly not about a personal gear item in relation to Laser sailing. However... in this case there's a connection (pun intended) between the shoes and the boat. For years, Zhik Hiking straps were readily available and...
  11. thieuster

    Class Politics  From Laser Performance' FB page: Olympic Contracts Status documents

    Without further comment: Olympic Contracts & Status | Facebook
  12. thieuster

    Nautalytics out of business?

    I answered your posting’s title, not the one in your posting’s text.
  13. thieuster

    Nautalytics out of business?

    Their website has a new look and feel. Why do that when you’re in trouble?
  14. thieuster

    News 2019 Radial Youth World Championships – Ready to Go

    Great write-up of the tournament. But with a sidenote: 208 competitors, 25% are Canadian. Not many competitors from Europe. Only from the countries where national Sailing Union (or a sponsor) pays a lot for sailors coming to Kingston. The complete Dutch crew stays home because the whole event...
  15. thieuster

    Laser vang/kicker

    Steve C.'s videos are helpful, although it's for a Allen set-up. This is a very, very useful video about setting the vang up correctly!
  16. thieuster

    Kicker (vang) fairlead check

    34 times is pretty much, given the fact that the 'year' normally spans from March up to October (or perhaps December when you sail the 'Boterletter' in Rotterdam) That's 582 Kcal/hr. That's about 1 hr jogging or 30 mins swimming. Normally, Dutch TeamNL and the NTT (Dutch youth crew) train...
  17. thieuster

    Kicker (vang) fairlead check

    It says a lot about the quality of the hull. Your answer implies that a Laser is a 'boat for life'. A sparsely used 15 y/o Laser can be still as good as a 2 or 3 y/o heavily used one! To emphasise this: Marit Bouwmeester's boat has a 210xxx number. That's even older than a 2017 boat. It was not...
  18. thieuster

    The ILCA Dinghy became a reality

    Word has it: Contenders from Europe who’ve taken their own boat to Kingston have to remove the ‘Laser’ decal and replace it for the ‘ILCA’ decal. Any confirmation on this?
  19. thieuster

    largest sunfish trailer you've seen?

    This... Dutch crew loading up for winter training in Vilamoura, Portugal. The dinghies are taking down south in December and return in March. Sailors hop on a plane for a week training. Tickets for the trip are pretty cheap during the 'of season' period: 38 euros for a single trip. Vilamoura is...