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    Sears JetWind refurb

    Here are some photos of the repairs. Ugly, but perfectly sound. I quick coat of paint has fixed them up.
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    Sears JetWind refurb

    They might, but be careful: some of them are made from cornstarch these days. This is much better for the environment, but because the cornstarch is plant based, it can rot when wet and is an attractive snack for bugs. Old school styrofoam would be best. Incidentally, the blender came out...
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    Sears JetWind refurb

    I have an old Super Snark; identical construction (ABS plastic over styrofoam). To fill missing foam, I’ve had good success taking chunks of styrofoam from packaging or coolers, putting it in a blender, and mixing it with a 2-part epoxy in a disposable cup. Fill in all the gaps quickly (before...
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    Super Snark Daggerboard Trunk

    I recently picked up an old Super Snark in pretty decent shape; just needs a few cracks in the ABS hull coating repaired. Is it normal that there is no ABS plastic coating inside the daggerboard trunk (the slot into which the daggerboard is inserted)? It seems like an easy entry point for...