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    Tips for Pinching vs. Pointing: Part One

    That may be a shorter article....LoL Footing? Go to gym, hike harder. ;)
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    Tips for Pinching vs. Pointing: Part One

    Coach K, Clay, et al I really enjoy these articles, please keep 'em coming. Thanks!
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    Class Politics 2011 Rule Changes - Fundamental Rule

    Re: rule change, builder I am sure there is lots we do not know here, but I certainly would not hold Bruce Kirby at fault. Bruce is a great guy and, unfortunately, he is not getting any younger. I would think that this was a business decision that was driven by the need to do some estate...
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    Fastest Way to Fitness and Basic Skills

    So...we started with a 64 year old and I truly believe that would suit them well. In addition, I would believe that this program would improve many Masters that are trying to improve their game. Peace Out...
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    Fastest Way to Fitness and Basic Skills

    I am quite sure that if you alternated the Concept 2 program, with the U Iowa Rosenberg program on off days, you would realize benefits in the boat and also great overall fitness gains. It is low impact and features aerobics and strength. Good luck.
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    how do i remove sail numbers

    Lacquer thinner soaked into a rag that is left on the numbers for about 10 mins. Peel off the numbers and then use an old credit card to scrape the glue off. Quick and relatively clean.
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    Essay on Sailing

    How about: When sailing a Hobie 18 in 15-20 knots over an Olympic race course, endurance is more important that strength. (or vice versa) It is arguable and you could create some simple experiments (fun too) to test your thesis.