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    For Sale J24 SAILS Rolly Tasker Mainsail $325, Rolly Tasker Cruising Spinnaker $300, Both sails in excellent condition

    Great company. Not sure if any of you all watch YouTube sailing but there is a couple from England that completed a 7 year circumnavigation with a stop off in Thailand where Rolly Tasker gave them a full set of sails for their boat, Mainsail, roller furling Genoa, stay sail, and Asymmetrical...
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    cam cleat for jib sheets This should do it.
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    For Sale J24 sails for sale

    May I ask, what is the sail number? Just curious, Pete
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    Double handed racing, distance race, anyone do them?

    ECSA here in Connecticut is thinking of doing a single handed and double handed distance race of about 30 miles. Has anyone or does anyone here do that type of racing?
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    Question Tips for stepping/dropping mast

    There are threads on this forum hit the search type in Gin pole select this forum. Also YouTube.
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    Question Tips for stepping/dropping mast

    Do a little research on making a gin pole or maybe someone nearby has one. Whatever method tie a loop around the mast, then the free end of the line to the spinnaker pole bracket allowing the loop to go just below the spreaders so you don't lift it by the spreaders. Two people works best.
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    Boom Vang line lengths

    I cannot find my Boom Vang anywhere. So I bought the blocks needed to replace it. I need the line lengths and diameters. 8:1 so it's a 4:1 with the 2:1 block. Thanks, Pete
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    Expired  North Tube Genoa bag

    Looking for a used but functional bag for a North Genoa Thanks, Pete 860-480-8310
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    For Sale Lightly Used Quantum J-24 Sails- BLOWOUT Sale

    What colors are the spinnakers? Text or call 860-480-8310 thanks
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    Winter prep

    This will be my first year putting the boat up for winter. In the past (40 years ago) we covered our family Coaster with a canvas. When I purchased 4800 it was shrink wrapped, that my plan for this year. The mast will go on top across the pulpits. When I unwrapped, they had taped the plastic...
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    Question Aft Stanchion base

    My season is getting shortened because of a shoulder rotator cuff tear. Going through stuff that needs attention so I can line it all up for post surgery recoup and hit the sea full on next season.
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    Question Aft Stanchion base

    Stanchion post, the hole the life line runs through. Life life is uncoated wire so it has worn almost through the top of the stanchion
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    Question Aft Stanchion base

    The bale broke on one side. I need to replace the post as well. The hole is worn almost through.
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    Question Aft Stanchion base

    So what I can find is a Schaefer 36-01 which has as 5 degree angle versus 14 degree which is the original base. What have people used to replace and will a few degrees make that much of a difference?
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    Turnbuckle End ? Where to buy ?
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    Question  Aft Stanchion base

    My boat has a double bale base. The port side one blew out where the spinnaker ratchet block was attached. What is the proper angle stanchion base I need as a replacement? Thank you, Pete
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    Jib blocks

    I have one of those and one broken one they ain't cheap to replace
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    Jib blocks

    What are preferences for the forward jib track blocks? Thanks, Pete
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    Mysterious bilge water

    I'm in Connecticut. Hopefully out of Niantic Bay Yacht Club. They have a small, 5 or 6 boat fleet there that races Wednesday nights. There is a strong PHRF fleet in the area for weekend racing as well.
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    Mysterious bilge water

    Awesome!! Thank you for the information. I'm in the process of purchasing a J/24. It has some little things I'd like to do and then spend as much time sailing / racing and enjoying time on the water.