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    How to keep power?

    If you're good at your tacks you shouldn't lose too much speed from them. It will be hard if you have just switched back to lasers, but it only takes a while to get your feel back. Pay attention to how your speed feels and if you feel slow, foot off a bit, sail a lower groove and then come...
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    go pro mount There's another thread currently running on this, best to post there
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    Help kick up my rudder...but not "on the rocks???"

    Just tighten the bolt on it, should stay wherever you put it after that
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    outhaul on standard rig

    It's just a matter of purchasing and then rigging the gear. The only real work you have to do is to remove the cunningham cleat and eyelet near the mast, and replace them with the 2 turning blocks and deck cleats. Apart from that its a few knots and running lines through blocks. Forking out...
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    outhaul on standard rig

    It is sold as the Outhaul/Cunningham uprgrade pack or the vang kit, or sometimes all together. e.g I'd definetely go the harken vang over the holt one also
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    outhaul on standard rig

    Thats the old rig setup for you, its pretty useless. Either get the upgraded controls or there are some ideas on this site:
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    Transporting from Ohio to Texas

    A 9 year old in a laser? Unless she has got a fair bit of sailing experience i doubt it would be great. Even for a 4.7 she will likely be undersized and have no junior fleets. What is the predominant class being used in the junior fleet? I think that would be the best way to go. (Buying that...
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    Leaking Inspection Port

    Being damp near the centreboard case - do you mean near the top or when you open the inspection port and look to the bottom the water is welled up there? If so that doesn't mean the water is getting in from the port, it could come from anywhere, that is just the lowest part when the hull is on...
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    Mounting a go pro

    Tighten up that hiking strap and point those toes :)
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    They aren't class legal, but I seriously doubt anyone would protest you for using one in club racing, just attach it to the hiking strap at the back of the cockpit etc. I even went to a regatta, (it was more of a training regatta however) where some of the top sailors were given gps receivers...
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    I'm looking into getting a laser 4.7 After sailing in a sabot for a while?

    The thing about the laser is that they are so popular that there is a good second hand market. Get the rig that fits you NOW If you are just starting off in a laser you won't know how to depower effectively just yet. If you get a new 4.7 rig and have to sell it at the end of the season, so be...
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    There are 2 pieces of yellow rope, that is enough to make it illegal
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    That looks illegal, there appears to be 2 different bits of rope, and it seems to be tapered where the block slides across. This shows the best legal way to rig it and is what most people use
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    North vs Hyde Sails & Practice sails

    Sails aren't measured at regattas, at least none I've been to. The class button is all that is needed to pass measurement, and correct numbering size/spacing/width + battens need to pass
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    New tiller fit

    That was exactly the case when I bought my new carbon tiller, I had an old stock. Rather than seriously modify the carbon tiller I decided to spend yet more money on a new stock, worth it in my opinion as if I change boats/stocks and keep the tiller I wont have to rebuild it with epoxy later
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    New Foils

    There are breakages at every worlds, usually about 6 or so. It happens because the builder has to quickly mass produce over 150 boats for the regatta. There will be a few issues with some of the gear
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    Mast bottom spar bottom cap

    The bottom caps have a hole in the bottom as supplied
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    Vang - you should have enough vang on to keep the leech from really twisting especially on a wider reach Tie some shockcord to you centreboard and then to either the plate near the mast or the bow eye, I think the best setup is the one this guy uses ...
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    Laser XD controls Go with that setup or have one of the blocks at the gooseneck tied to the outhaul cleat, this will give you a good amount of purchase
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    Laser XD controls That shows the most purchase you can have for all control lines, really the outhaul doesnt need to be that strong, and the cunningham only go for that much purchase if...