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    For Sale Donation of J24 in storage

    For all, I appreciate the passion for a great sailing boat, but Teddy Bear has been donated. John
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    For Sale Donation of J24 in storage

    Wobbly (interesting sudo name) Teddy Bear has been in storage since the late 80s. My Daughter was born and my first mate (wife) priorities changed so we agreed to store it temporaly until she grew. Never happened. In 2018 I fared and printed the keel and went through the boat in hopes of selling...
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    For Sale  CALIFORNIA Donation of J24 in storage

    I have a J24 (#565, Teddy Bear) that has been in storage and I now longer sail. I would like to donate it to someone that can put it to good use Boat has a Triad trailer that is is on. I am at a distance (Utah) so you would have to go and transport it to your port