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  1. mackconsult

    Beer Can in the Mast Step

    Personally I always take a top from a cringles chip can, cut away the ridge that goes around the edge with scissors then drop it in the hole before stepping my mast.
  2. mackconsult

    Were did the calendar go on the old forum

    Its been a while since I have come back to this forum ....... its much different ...... and the reason i came back was to look at the laser calendar and see what travelling regatta's I should go to this year :o(
  3. mackconsult

    Wouldn't this be nice on the bottom of a boat

    There will have to be a rule about using this kind of stuff on boats.
  4. mackconsult

    My next sailing adventure

    Oh I will...... my wife won't let me do it unless I take a lesson. Its worth it to get into it though with the gorge and the coast so close.
  5. mackconsult

    night sailing

    Sail at night???? What about that power boat going 50 knots that runs over you :mad:
  6. mackconsult

    My next sailing adventure

    Well my laser has been a blast, and I am not giving up on it. Laser racing gives me my fill of sail boat racing, and then the occasional offshore on big boats gives me my fill of lead poisoning :eek:. I have been considering what to do next that would involve technology, speed, athletisism...
  7. mackconsult

    Why did you choose sailing over a Powerboat?

    I for one like both. Love my laser ..... love doing deliveries and racing on bigger sailboats ...... and I love running races, going fishing, and beach camping in my 18 ft RIB with 90 horse on the back. My power boat is very fuel efficient, light to tow, easy to launch, and great to take on...
  8. mackconsult

    Fun laser sailing this weekend

    Taking the laser up to rock crock resevoir this weekend. Looks to be breeze and sunshine all weekend. All the kids are coming up and going sailing with me. It will be fun to sail around all the fisherman trying to catch trout :D.
  9. mackconsult

    Kerrr splllaaatttt!!!

    Its good to keep in practice. Whats really cool is being in front, capsizing, and still maintaining a top three position. :cool:
  10. mackconsult

    Wanted!!! Charter for masters in alamitos august 13-15...

    Maybe George over at West Coast Sailing ....
  11. mackconsult

    Smelly hiking pants???

    Cat liter? What a mess. Just use simple green and fresh water rinse. Cat liter is used for oil spills around my house.
  12. mackconsult

    Smelly hiking pants???

    Save energy, just spray with diluted simple green and a quick rinse. Then they always smell good.
  13. mackconsult

    Smelly hiking pants???

    There is only two cleaners I ever need. For grease and WVO I use purple power: quote=Der_Dude;142868]Please explain what simple green is. A detergent?
  14. mackconsult

    Smelly hiking pants???

    I just thought I would drop a note on what I do with my smelly hiking pants. Each time after I use them, I spray simple green on them and then rinse them with fresh water. I mentioned this to some one else in my club, and he thought it was great. So just thought I would share little bit of...
  15. mackconsult

    Wife controls my laser sailing

    She won't come on the laser. She does come out on the bigger keel boats that I get to take out every now and then.
  16. mackconsult

    Wife controls my laser sailing

    Got to love the comments. She has lived with my laser sailing for 6 years know, and doesn't complain to much. Before the laser (& kids) I had a Melges 24 ... talk about spending $$$$$ on sailing ..... that is an expensive boat to campaign competitively.
  17. mackconsult

    Wife controls my laser sailing

    Just venting. ;) Believe it or not some PRO's do get paid. That's what becomes the dilemma ...... should I race and spend $ ..... or run the races and make $. :rolleyes: Its a problem I can live with.
  18. mackconsult

    Wife controls my laser sailing

    Its come to this point in my life that she can put the kabosh on were and what I do. Several regattas here I have had the opportunity to PRO, but have always raced. This year she said I WILL pro to earn some $$$ instead of spend. :cool: Oh well at least I can still do my Monday night racing :D
  19. mackconsult

    Recommended Bottom Paint?

    VC-17 is a anti-fouling bottom paint, you don't want to use that on a laser unless you plan on leaving the laser in the water all the time. If you want it to last a long time use a good epoxy paint, otherwise just go with a normal hull side coat paint from any good boat store or website. What...
  20. mackconsult

    car topping on Dodge minivan

    After market racks on the only way to cartop safely a laser. Although I have seen lots of lasers just put on the roof with nothing at all.