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  1. Kwai


  2. Kwai

    Radial or full

    Not sure if you still need this but the radial has a different bottom section that the full rig but every thing else is the same between rigs. So the top section and the boom are the same.
  3. Kwai

    Laser 2 questions

    Thanks last question where did you get the carpet and what is it called? Can I just use some fabric and attach it or does it need to be something special?
  4. Kwai

    Laser 2 questions

    oh ok where does the centerboard carpet go?
  5. Kwai

    Laser 2 questions

    Hello joe c does your centerboard get like really stuck. like is it got so stuck that you have to use like all you might to move it or is that just me.
  6. Kwai

    Laser 2 questions

    Hello LaLi thanks for getting back to me so fast. What I mean by the laser 2 regatta hull is the regatta hull has a spinnaker shoot and my boat does not. Also my boat does not have any centerboard carpet and I will be ordering it and that is probably the reason why my centerboard keeps getting...
  7. Kwai

    Laser 2 questions

    Hello I have recently boat a laser 2 and I have a couple questions. 1: The centerboard is really sticky that you have to use all your strength just to move it. I am just wondering if anyone else has this issue and if there is any way to fix it. 2: The deck is very flexy and if I should get a...