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    Need Help Finding Specific Sail

    Is this the one
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    costa rica sailing

    There was a YC in Gulfito. More of a beach bar I think they had some dingy's if I recall correctly they definitely had the beer. This was a while back(20 years)
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    stained gelcoat

    acetone but wasent able to do anything. I bet it stained the gel coat yellow. Never use it on gel coat unless you know what your doing.
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    Gust Adjust

    I think some photo's where taken during the NA's in Erie. He set the boat and rigged it for everyone to comment on. Brian McGinnis would know.
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    Anyone out there?

    Going kite skiing today. The bay is frozen but to much snow to iceboat. The joys of living up north.
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    Anybody sailing this week?

    The water has turned hard in Erie the last time out was turkey day.
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    Leach Question

    pulling the sheet controls it
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    Regatta Participation

    Derek, It was on the front page of SA last week. US Sailing - Mandatory Ignorance By Peter Huston US Sailing's recent announcement of mandating membership for helmsmen has inspired a lot of conversation. It seems that US Sailing has somehow tied itself to a winning America's Cup team by...
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    Regatta Participation

    - Coffee etc. in the morning - Lunches and water - Beer and soda after the racing - Dinners that people will attend - Camping These + cheap housing should be in Erie for the NA's.:):)
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    Question About Trailer

    The HF trailer can be made highway ready. I've done a few. Bigger wheels check, longer tounge check, custom cut chocks check, + a welder to tack it all together. It all adds up. + add in any inspections by your state. Often its a less pita to buy one. John
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    Re-attaching boom block

    Remove both end caps from boom. Drill out rivets new holes etc. Push dental floss into hole, blow on end of boom until the floss comes out, connect other end to end of machine screw, place washer, lock washer and nut on end that was blown out the end of the boom. Put screw into boom etc...
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    Re-attaching boom block Check out what they are selling at the bottom of the page for $5. I've raided the medicine cabinet (dental floss) and for the rest in my tool box. I think they are 10-24 machine screws, fender washers and locknuts. The key is don't go thru both...
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    what is the inside and outside diameter of the mast

    Where are you located someone might have what you need close, used? Shipping 14 foot lengths gets $$ + driving any distance can as well.
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    News International Masters Day 1 Results
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    News O'Day Trophy

    They did the same thing back in the late 80's with the Smythe Championships. The Quarter and Semi finals were sailed in lasers and the finals Sunfish. The same reasoning was used not enough race-able sunfish on Lake Erie.
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    News 2008 North Americans Notice of Race

    If coming from out-o-town the Sam Myers regatta should be the weekend prior. Lots of fun 45 minutes from EYC. Great regatta. (camping ect) The link seems dead. I've contacted web master. Hopefully someone from PSC will chime in. John
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    What's in the mast?

    "I happen to have some unopened 2000E thats only about 16 months old which should be enough for the job." Thats the best reason I've ever heard for using the stuff. I thought that reason was going to be more along the lines of "I read about it in Practical Sailor" I really hate that rag.
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    What's in the mast?

    "I'm first sealing the entire hull with the Interlux 2000E epoxy barrier system" I'm at a lost as to why your doing this. Is the boat staying on a mooring for the year? + the magic platelets in it are nothing more than talc. Buy a gallon of Ve resin and some baby powder and save a mint.
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    News 2008 NY Upstate Regionals NOR

    Steve, Shouldn't this read 2009 2 Worlds 2.1 The top, not yet qualified, sailor in the regatta will be invited to the 2008 World Championship. The 2008 worlds are 2 weeks after your regatta. John
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    News When are the Junior NAs?

    The 13 - 15 of July. Go with what the NOR says. I'll get in touch with Brian to change the Class page.