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    Can you bring a phone along or papers when you race?

    Whatever. I have better things to do in life than waste my time with people who whose to read what they want as opposed to what is written and who are just upset because the rules don't agree with their viewpoint. Take it up with the world measurer and the technical committee.
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    Can you bring a phone along or papers when you race?

    Rule 22(e) is irrelevant to the discussion. So the word "use" doesn't come into the equation. So forget that whole argument. Rule 22(d) covers mobile phones as they have are timing devices with the ability of making or receiving a call, where information about the wind or the boat's position...
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    Can you bring a phone along or papers when you race?

    I thought the most basic function of a phone was to receive or make a phone call. If a phone is capable of doing those functions, it's capable of the person at the other end letting you know what the wind is doing or you letting them know where you are, if the same phone has a clock display then...
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    Can you bring a phone along or papers when you race?

    Firstly go read the class by-laws instead of making stuff up. 22(a)One compass mounted on any part of the deck or the cockpit is permitted if the hull cavity is not pierced by anything other than the fasteners. Compasses may not be fitted to inspection ports. An additional wrist mounted compass...
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    Can you bring a phone along or papers when you race?

    Ok, I paraphrased; I wasn't in a position at the time to type out or copy the actual rule. As you may not be aware, I was an International Measurer for the Laser Class, unlike most people on the forum or even the internet, I probably understand the class better than most, yet you don't complain...
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    Can you bring a phone along or papers when you race?

    You then need to take into account what the class fundamental rule says. To paraphrase, it's illegal unless the class rule says it's legal. So having it in your possession is illegal, because the class rules do not say you can have it in your possession.
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    Can you bring a phone along or papers when you race?

    There is a legal requirement under International Maritime Law, for them to provide assistance to any vessel in distress. Distress can be in many forms but it could include getting back to shore in a safe and timely manner. This applies to not just the coach boats but also the boats used by the...
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    Grass Roots Sailing ILCA Support

    We need to think about what the ILCA is. It's the overall body for the Laser Class. It overseas the production of the boats, controls the role out of developments in the class, sets a framework for the district association, runs world championships, liaises with other sporting bodies including...
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    Grass Roots Sailing ILCA Support

    Isn't up to the NALA to support their districts and not the ILCA when it comes to regattas etc.
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    New cover - whats this flap for?

    The flap allows you leave the mast in one piece with the sail on. Useful at regattas. You just have the mast hanging out one end with the cover over everything else in the boat.
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    Carbon top mast section

    Dissolve the foam blocks inside the hull will significantly reduce the weight and reshape the top of the rudder blade, will alter the angle of the blade and reduce the helm, both are outright cheating and might result in getting kicked out of the class. Then oversize tape patches on the front of...
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    Carbon top mast section

    ILCA measurers are also Laser sailors, we show up at club racing upwards. In Australia we have scheduled measuring days at Nationals and upwards, but will walk around the boat park more local events.
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    Harken 534 Vang

    Remember to tell the person you eventually sell your boat to that it's not class legal, as they will need to replace the vang and anything else not legal if they want a class legal boat.
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    Laser taper in the kicker 5:1

    The rule actually goes on to say that the "at the load bearing attachment point." This means IMO that the splice cannot extend to other locations such as passing through a pulley or cleat. At those locations, the rope must be uniform thickness. I agree, the wording in the class rules in more...
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    Laser Road Base UK

    As far as I'm concerned it's the road surface material which is dug up, broken up and sold as gravel. Useful for making you own road, speed bumps etc,
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    Laser Cockpit Autobailer "Not class legal for racing" . . . What?

    Come sail at my club in the Laser fleet and I will gladly protest you.
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    Method of identifying trolleys for a regatta

    Cattle ear tags have worked well at previously.
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    New Vang block

    Interesting that the red mark tape was permitted at this event. It used to be illegal, as it changes the diameter of the vang line (3bii) and does not fall under the permitted functions of Tape (24) and potentially changes the function of the vang line (24). It was always something that needed...