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    For Sale Capri 14.2 parts

    I'll take the mast
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    rudder won't lock down

    It is fixed!
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    rudder won't lock down

    Thanks... so no spring on the ball eh? It almost looks flat not round! So it wont lock just swings up right past it. I can't get at it until I can get it out of the bracket. I can't do that until I drill out the stupid roll pin in the bolt head.... I'll do that today and let you know what...
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    rudder won't lock down

    Yes! Thanks for your response...That's exactly what I'm talking about. The ball is stuck in the down position so the rudder won't lock and it let's it swing up. I took the wing nut off to try to access it. but the bolt won't come loose it looks like there a roll pin installed through the head of...
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    rudder won't lock down

    I just bought a 14.2 Capri the kick up rudder lock seems to be stuck down so it won't lock. Can this be repaired or do I need to buy a new rudder? Thanks!
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    sails needed for my capri 14.2

    I have a main... what would you offer?
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    Wanted need sails for capri 14.2

    Yes I have a factory made main sail very good shape. How much you offer?