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  1. GeoffS

    trailer tires...

    I've not tried Wally-world tires, but I get the cheap tire+rim combos from Harbor Freight and the like. They seem to last for thousands of miles. It sounds like you may have an alignment problem (bent axle?). I have a trailer with a trailing-arm suspension (two half axles pivoting at the...
  2. GeoffS

    Laser Hull Sound

    It's been years since I sailed a Laser-2 (great boats, BTW). Do they have internal flotation foam/cubes like the original Laser?
  3. GeoffS

    camara to record training for under £40

    Try searching for "SJ4000" on eBay, Amazon, etc. You should be able to get a 720p camera for well under your limit and likely one that does 1080p. A lot of my videos on my YouTube channel are shot with SJ4000 style cameras.
  4. GeoffS

    Media Various sailing photos and albums: catamarans, iceboats, and landsailers...

    Some photos from the recent blokart North American Championship: Album:
  5. GeoffS

    Thanksgiving Plans?

    Don't know... Maybe some blokart sailing (if the temps stay up a bit and the snow gets plowed). Probably getting the DN ready for the Great Western Challenge regatta on Dec. 4-6.
  6. GeoffS

    What do you want to learn about?

    The effect of sail camber/shape on lift and (more importantly) drag.
  7. GeoffS

    Laser 2 questions...

    Cool! I never knew what it was called. Thanks.
  8. GeoffS

    Media Various sailing photos and albums: catamarans, iceboats, and landsailers...

    I guess a video could be considered a very large, auto-playing photo-album (?) ;-) Almost exactly a year ago just south of Madison, WI: A few weeks ago in Atlantic City, NJ:
  9. GeoffS

    Laser 2 questions...

    If you can't find the official material, I think the soft part of heavy-duty Velcro would work.
  10. GeoffS

    How many miles sailed in one day ?

    Whoa! What kind of boat?
  11. GeoffS

    How many miles sailed in one day ?

    No organized racing, but a number of us were keeping very close tabs on relative speeds/positions of our close competitors, so I'd say some of us were de-facto racing... Passing the clumps of slower "cruisers" was a great test of boat (kart?) handling, especially on the narrow taxiway leg.
  12. GeoffS

    How many miles sailed in one day ?

    This doesn't really count, but I sailed 95 miles last Friday around a ca. 0.45 mile course (about 250 laps...). Average moving speed was 25 mph; my GPS said the max speed was over 40. I was a hurt'in unit at the end of the day... Interactive track: Atlantic City, NJ (3) 2 Laps
  13. GeoffS

    Weather app

    I like: SailFlow It's limitation is that it only gives results/forecasts for weather-stations. The really nice thing is that is overlays recent actual wind with the previous forecast so you can see how which of the models seems best "locked on" to the conditions.
  14. GeoffS


    Speedy this morning from WI!
  15. GeoffS


    I've gotten occasional "error pages" for some time (months?). I haven't noticed if they are more common recently, but I did get at least one in the last few days.
  16. GeoffS

    Mast tie down while cartopping

    Pool noodles are good padding for a "free form" tie-down. Plywood "moose ears" and a bungee/rope are really secure and quick to load and unload the mast.
  17. GeoffS


    Load times have been slow for me over the last few days.
  18. GeoffS

    Media What type of boat is this?

    Looks like a Cal 20.
  19. GeoffS

    Mystery boat - what did I buy?

    Glad to help! I've never sailed one, but I have a few friends that have had them at various times and they liked them a lot. Cheers, Geoff S.