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  1. mqp

    Looking to put a fair price on an older Laser

    Bought an '88 Canadian made boat in July for $1000. It came with a Kitty Hawk trailer (old but serviceable), original sail, and very old running rigging (including original vang). The boat is stiff and dry, with some cosmetic gel coat cracks on deck; and the mast step holds water.
  2. mqp

    Boat Pics

    I suggest rigging the boat on the dolly, not the gravel!
  3. mqp

    Rubber piece on bow stop

    I lost the rubber piece on the bow stop of my Trailex trailer. Where can I get a replacement? Thanks!
  4. mqp

    Bailer screw size

    Sorry, I was asking about the bailer for a laser.
  5. mqp

    Bailer screw size

    Does anyone know the screw size for the bailer? I took the bailer off to replace the o-rings with new springs, and lost the screw. Argggg! Thanks in advance!