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  1. wjejr

    Expired Rudder hardware from 1967 Sunfish

    Hi John, I sent you a message with the information you requested.
  2. wjejr

    Expired Rudder hardware from 1967 Sunfish

    Hi, Hope you are well. If you still have the parts, I would be happy to have them. Assuming you do, let me know the postage costs and how you would like to be paid. I live in Wenham, MA. 01984. Thank you and have a great day. Best regards, James
  3. wjejr

    Question Fatheading a pinhead Minifish cat rig

    Hi Bradrueb. I would be leery of adding sail area, especially at the top, to an unstayed mast. The additional force is not something the original designers would have planned for. Good luck in whatever you decide.
  4. wjejr

    Rudder Conversion

    Someone will know for sure, but I don’t think you need an inspection port. Your attaching to a wooden transom, and I would think wood screws would be enough. I would try that route first. If it seems that the screws are not holding properly, you can always go the other route. Personally, I...
  5. wjejr

    Trailex SUT-200 trailer at home!

    Hi Stollie, I have the 220 version, but my comments should/might apply to the 200 version as well. The two cross pieces (fore and aft) are different lengths, but strangely the holes in the longer piece are not drilled at the ends. The result is that there is no difference in the lateral...
  6. wjejr

    Sunfish rigging question

    Also I'm sure your answer to my original question about the boom rigging must be right. I simply have not been (and maybe never will be) sailing in winds strong enough, or with a sail big enough, that I would need that extra mechanical advantage of the sheet hauling from the end of the boom...
  7. wjejr

    Sunfish Deck repair

    Hi, Yes, I was only suggesting filling in the gouge with gel coat and then wet sanding to level followed by buffing.
  8. wjejr

    Sunfish Deck repair

    Hi Steven, Without a picture it’s hard to tell, but I would think you would want to use gel coat for a gouge thus avoiding the need to paint. Gel coat is much more durable than paint and will look more original. Gel coat is also fairly easy to work with. You can paint, but one scratch and you...
  9. wjejr

    Old style rudder: to fix or just sail?

    Hi Pirate Marc. You definitely need the lower bracket screwed down as Charles Howard mentions. My guess is the block isn’t rotted, or at least that much, if the screw broke and didn’t just pull out. Once you have the old screw out, I would fill the hole with thickened epoxy, and then drill a...
  10. wjejr

    Diet program for my 2000 sunfish

    Hi Andy, I would encourage you not to put in the second port. I have a port near the stern, and every time I look at it, I just think ”UGLY”! It was ugly when I put it in, and it’s even uglier now that age, even with the boat under a cover, has yellowed it. When I see other boats with ports...
  11. wjejr

    Got A Trailer, Prepping For A Sunfish.

    Yes, i would move the bunks close to the trapier tongue and out more to the sides. To cut the curve, I would scribe a line using the hull of the boat as a guide. Use a saber saw to cut the wood. Hope that helps. Good luck!
  12. wjejr

    Sunfish Hull Repair

    Hi Frank, The short answer is, “Yes,” but I would try desperately to avoid it. The simple reason is that an inspection port on the bow IMHO is not, how shall we say, aesthetically pleasing. I have one on the stern of my boat, and every time I look at it I regret putting it in, even though it...
  13. wjejr

    Got A Trailer, Prepping For A Sunfish.

    Hi, I would look to move the bunks outboard and forward so that the boat is supported close to the chines where the boat is strongest. The ends of the bunks want to be past where the cubby and footwell meet, however. I would also shape the bunks so that they fit the hull properly and round...
  14. wjejr

    Refurbished junked trailer

    I agree with you, registering a trailer as homemade is EZPZ in Mass. I’ve done it twice: once for a 24’ sailboat, and once for 30’ sailboat. Besides the easy registering of trailers, extra bonus in Mass is that you don’t have to register a sailboat unless it has a motor.
  15. wjejr

    Old Style Rudder - Lower Plate Attachment

    Hi arsweb, I will check tomorrow, but I believe the screw is a #12 bronze. I think the length is 1 1/4 “. If you are hitting something hard at 1/2”, I would check to see if the old screw didn’t shear. If the old screw did shear, you will need to use one of those screw extractors that looks...
  16. wjejr

    Crows nest..

    Astroturf decks, party barges... I think being in lock-down is starting to get the better of us all. :)
  17. wjejr

    Wood roof-rack for Tacoma

    Hi Benswingin, Executive overview: Don't do it. Summary report: I did once tow my children's two kayaks, with them aboard, side by side or "side by each" as they sometimes say around here. It did sorta work, but I think the others are right, what you are proposing is just too much drag...
  18. wjejr

    New Sunfish owner questions

    Thanks for your advice. I find if a trucker’s hitch gets wet, a consideration on a Sunfish, it can be difficult to release/skip. It’s just a bit of complexity that IMHO is unnecessary. For a simple person like myself, twisting the mast so the boom aligns with the halyard, and then using the...
  19. wjejr

    New Sunfish owner questions

    Yep, exactly right. Works for me at least.
  20. wjejr

    New Sunfish owner questions

    I like trucker’s hitches, but it wouldn’t work for me in that application. I like to lower the sail and then paddle to the ramp. Trying to undo the hitch so that the line can run through the mast cap would be difficult. It’s enough trouble undoing the vang arrangement and then un-cleating...