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  1. Corprin

    Calling St. Pete FL folks

    I’ll be heading to St.Pete for a work trip in April. Is there anywhere to rent a Sunfish/Laser or Hobie Wave sized boat for an afternoon?
  2. Corprin

    Question What is the fastest a Sunfish can go?

    How do I respond? “They say the two best days of boat ownership are the day you buy it, and the day you sell it. This is only said of power-boats. Every day on a sailboat is the best day of ownership.” And/or “Anybody can crush nature’s will with enough fuel, eagerness, and money. It takes...
  3. Corprin

    Right On Trailer?

    I have a home built trailer that is similar to the idea of the right-on. All launching is done with the Seitech dolly with the “offroad” tires. Dolly us supported near the forward end and under the crossbar. I’ve added the multi-sport rack from right-on to Frankenstein so I could haul my...
  4. Corprin

    Jimmy Buffett Inspired

    Rare image of a Corprin in the wild. Colorized, c.2002 (Cuban Crime of Passion Video, 4:12)
  5. Corprin

    Jimmy Buffett Inspired

    Long ago, when I was a young Joe, I stepped on parts of my male anatomy and was awarded a 14 day vacation from anything enjoyable. I was living in a plywood sea-hut overlooking the Caribbean, walking amongst the gravel to share a shower with a 5’ long iguana, meant that 14 days lasted an...
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    Can this be repaired?

    I see you also have a case of friendwithwelderitis.
  7. Corprin

    Can this be repaired?

    Cut the cross bar off just forward of the weld, grab a piece of tube to match, weld on, paint/coat/galvanize, something, profit. Just make sure you vent well and wear a respirator when welding, galvanized can wreck your head. If length matters weld the new cross bar to the end of the rails...
  8. Corprin

    Back Burnered Project Boat.. Picked up another.

    The Opti for the son. The rest is our Sunfish, and the ongoing project trailer v.6.
  9. Corprin

    Back Burnered Project Boat.. Picked up another.

    8yo took a sailing camp and fell in love. So we did a thing on the way to a friend’s lake cabin for the week.
  10. Corprin

    Too Quick to Cut

    ^^ this. Or it has a date with my sawzall.
  11. Corprin

    Too Quick to Cut

    I’m looking at having to cut the keel under the cockpit to repair some cracking due to an errant trailer roller. Also going to replace the deck block for the halyard eye fairlead and cleat.
  12. Corprin

    Sunfish Variant?

    Hydra-Sail is the maker. Model so far I can see is a “17-1” based on this Craigslist ad. Copied to forum for prosperity.
  13. Corprin

    Cut-Off Bow Video

  14. Corprin

    The No Stupid Questions Thread

    thinking of winter and building a rack to hold the sunfish. Is there an issue of storing on their side supported by the edge of the hull? Is the rolled gunwale enough to support the boat? Is the older aluminum gunwale coping enough to support things (I have both)?
  15. Corprin

    Graphics for sails

    That is pretty slick. What was the price of that artwork?
  16. Corprin

    Mainsheet Block Shackle

    Can you post a photo of the items you have, rather than something off a website. Will help hone in the assistance.
  17. Corprin

    Issues with ordering from Sail Racing

    to be killed one must first be alive. UPS/FEDEX customer service was trash when I was in the shipping/receiving world in 08. It just got worse.
  18. Corprin

    Sunfish with blue hull

  19. Corprin

    Old sail

  20. Corprin

    The No Stupid Questions Thread

    Good question. When I popped the caps on my 76’s mast to “flip it” I found chunks of cork that were quite dry. Read on this forum that’s to seal them. Got me thinking… wonder if a pool noodle, or part thereof slipped into the mast would prevent any sinkage for when Murphy comes to kick me...