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    Repair  Sealing deck to hull

    I want to seal the deck to the hull to prevent leakage on my 1977 Sunfish. 3M 5200 or 4200?
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    Packing it in!

    This old geezer has finally realized that he's not as young and agile as he once was. I've been sailing Sunfish since the early 1970's and just don't have the ability to easily trail, launch, sail and then reverse the process. Only sailed 5z or 6 times this past season although I'm in an area...
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    Interesting Nautical Terms on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace etc.

    Very funny, Alan. Made my day.
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    Second Sail Tomorrow - Could Use Some Advice!

    I'll admit I don't have to paddle far, but I use a short-handled one which stows easy in the cubby. I leave the board and rudder down and steer with the rudder. Furl the sail with a couple of ties so it doesn't flop in the water and make sure it doesn't interfere with the tiller. I sit with my...
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    Towing a Sunfish.

    Good thought, especially when dealing with the wake from other boats but guess it reinforces need to have someone in the Sunfish steering. Not sure if boat would tow straight otherwise.
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    Towing a Sunfish.

    Yup. I get that!
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    Towing a Sunfish.

    On rare occasions I have towed one of my 'fish to a swimming/ small boat cove off the main lake with my deck boat at a slow speed of 5 to 10 knots. I have always had someone in the 'fish steering with the daggerboard and rudder down. The sail is furled. Has anyone any experience towing an...
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    2021 Sunfish North Americans at Lake Norman

    Here are a couple of shots of the North American's here at Lake Norman
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    2021 Sunfish North Americans at Lake Norman

    Didn't race but took my power boat up to LKYC to watch. Really something to see 84 boats racing as a class!
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    There is a kid posting Sunfish videos on YouTube

    Neat. Thanks for sharing this.
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    Before and After Pics

    Nice job!
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    Refurbished junked trailer

    Nice job. Seeing your "before" picture it looks like the 70's era trailer I bought through Alcort. Mentioned this in an earlier post.
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    Old Trailer from Alcort

    Bought this trailer through an AMF-Alcort employee in Bridgeport, CT. Think it was in the mid 1970's. Over the years new axel, wheels, tires, paint job. Still does the job. Pix do not show carpeted support (bunk?) boards.
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    Backing a Sunfish trailer down a launch ramp

    My 1970's Alcort trailer.
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    Backing a Sunfish trailer down a launch ramp

    I'll give that a try tomorrow. Thanks.
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    Backing a Sunfish trailer down a launch ramp

    Good idea but I have a sedan
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    Backing a Sunfish trailer down a launch ramp

    The magnet works fine - problem is I have to wade into the water to get it out of the way of the boat so clamping wouldn't work either. Thanks for suggestion, though.
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    Backing a Sunfish trailer down a launch ramp

    Maybe fabricate something using PVC pipe? Doable.
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    Backing a Sunfish trailer down a launch ramp

    I am aware of most of the usual backing hints: back-up camera, side mirrors, steering by one hand at the bottom of the steering wheel, etc. I realize too that a small trailer has a small wheelbase which accentuates every small turn of the steering wheel. I have an original Alcort trailer which i...
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    ID these SF sails

    Don't know how they sail but they sure would increases visibility!