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    Zhik Powerpads 1 (Hiking pads)

    Text me for pickup
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    Zhik Powerpads 1 (Hiking pads)

    in st Pete Text me at seven two 7 four 20 twenty 2
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    Boat still available

    Boat still available
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    Class Politics Feedback from Master's Sailors sought!

    This has worked well in the 470 class. It work be nice to sail a race without judges in power boats cutting across in front of you,smell of outboard smoke. Anything that promotes sailing I'm in favor of trying. Regards Tim
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    All Mr Usher's comment that all we need to file our 501c3 application is Bylaws,is inaccurate.I am the one who started the application process.The reason the application hasn't been filed is because the ILCA has failed to produce any financial statements for the past 3 years.Under the...