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  1. torrid

    ILCA/Laser to RS Aero

    He still posts over at SA a little bit. And even if a few years old, Proper Course has some entries on Laser vs. Aero.
  2. torrid

    ILCA/Laser to RS Aero

    Check out a blog named "Proper Course" by Tillerman. He is, or was, a Laser masters sailor who bought an Aero several years ago. He seems quite happy with the boat, but he does have an active fleet nearby. He started a new blog about the Aero at some point, but I can't find it. I would hit...
  3. torrid

    Laser/ILCA C series rigs

  4. torrid

    Dolly tire replacement

    Is there a tire size stamped on the sidewall of the tire? The original Seitech wheels used a standard 4.80/4.00-8 wheelbarrow tire and tube. The current Dynamic wheels look similar, but I couldn't say for sure. Even a standard wheelbarrow tire isn't as common as it used to be. I could find...
  5. torrid

    News Approved Builders

    West Coast Sailing is looking to produce hulls at the ZIM facility in Rhode Island. There were pictures posted of molds arriving at the RI facility on SA in anticipation of a pilot run. They indicated they did not plan to sell China-built and US-built hulls side-by-side in the US. ILCA gives...
  6. torrid

    Flying with Laser Blades

    I believe someone sold a special case for flying with Laser blades. I doubt they are sold any more, and a custom Pelican case is probably a more economic solution anyway. I've seen people fly with blades in checked baggage just by stuffing extra life jackets in a normal blade bag. Not...
  7. torrid

    ILCA and Laser Hull Weights

    2009. Now that you mention it, I believe the discussion at the time was rake was being measured to survey builder tolerance. The main purpose of the inspection was to check sail numbers and that rigging was compliant with class rules. Before the inspection, the measurer was more than willing...
  8. torrid

    ILCA and Laser Hull Weights

    The one time I went to a regatta with measurement, it was mostly an equipment check to ensure that your rigging complied with class rules. They did have a template for measuring the mast rake. Undoubtedly there were wide tolerances.
  9. torrid

    Special Edition Lasers

    Bassmaster edition!
  10. torrid

    Cut lower Mast to make a radial mast----

    Very common question. Yes, you can cut down standard section and sail the boat with a Radial sail. But no, it will not work. The Radial spar is made from thinner aluminum to have a specific bend characteristic that matches the Radial sail. A sawed-off standard spar will be too stiff, and the...
  11. torrid

    Kitty Hawk trailer question

    I did this once years ago. I took the old bearings to the auto parts store, and they were able to measure them and find me a replacement. Unfortunately I did not retain the size information. Still, a knowledgeable person should be able to find the right size for you, may take going to...
  12. torrid

    Transferring Laser from Kitty Hawk trailer to Dynamic Dolly

    Bow swivel is the best feature of the Kitty Hawk. One tip, always try to transfer the boat to and from the trailer with the trailer attached to your car. If the tongue of the trailer is sitting on the ground, it means you have to lift the stern of the boat even higher to clear the gunnel supports.
  13. torrid

    Restoring an 1976 Vanguard Intl. 470

    Yes, the forestay is only there to keep the mast upright with the rig untensioned. All the tension is in the jib luff wire. Sounds like you already figured out what to do with shock cord and the forestay when the rig is tensioned. The magic box is an older system for the jib tension. Now...
  14. torrid

    Restoring an 1976 Vanguard Intl. 470

    Thinking back many moons when I sailed 470s. Given there are so many different manufacturers and so many different national authorities with their own numbering, it isn't like Lasers where a sail number is assigned to each hull by the builder. I believe when you buy a 470, it is up to you to...
  15. torrid

    Can i change the vang hardware on my mast and boom? Does all hardware align to the same holes? Or will i need to drill new holes?

    LaLi is right. Don't change the spar fittings without good reason. With the classic vang setup, you can add shackles and swivels as needed. I'm not sure how the upgraded vang setup would work, but it could probably be done. Personally for a boat of this age, I would just stick with the...
  16. torrid

    Storing Laser outside on 2 bunkers

    Storing it upside down on the rack would be best for stress on the hull. Storing it upright on the dolly will speed your launch retrieval time. If you can figure out a way to get the dolly up on to the rack, more power to you. People who don't sail small dinghies, or at least not very often...
  17. torrid

    Christmas break Laser regattas

    There's the Orange Bowl regatta, but probably too far a drive. Not sure if there is an adult Laser class either.
  18. torrid

    50th Sunfish Worlds

    Seems like everything is broken down.
  19. torrid

    Anyone ever pulled one of these out?

    So is that what they looked like before you pulled them out, or did the process of removal destroy them? Of course the boat will work without them, it's just emergency floatatiion in case the hull is filled with water. Sorry, don't know how many are supposed to be in there.
  20. torrid

    20th Annual Sunfish Race Around Harker's Island, Outer Banks, NC, July 23-25

    Bo-furt, NC and Bew-furt, SC. The locals get very mad when you pronounce it the wrong way.