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  1. Bradley

    Site Update: Nov 2023

    @LaLi Nothing was flushed! The database is no longer publicly accessible but it is still on the server. In recent years, old classifieds were no longer "saved" for posterity, as the original poster could delete the entire thread when they were done with the listing. Unfortunately, leaving up old...
  2. Bradley

    Site Update: Nov 2023

    Also, to help protect phone numbers and email addresses, threads in the For Sale / Wanted sections are going to be automatically deleted after 180 days of inactivity. Threads in these sections already automatically close after 90 days of inactivity.
  3. Bradley

    Site Update: Nov 2023

    Thanks for pointing this out @Tops. There was a configuration error with conversations, as they are also now restricted as well. It should be resolved, let me know if you have any issues accessing them.
  4. Bradley

    Site Update: Nov 2023

    Hi Everyone, In the last few weeks, the amount of scammers hitting the forum has hit an all time high. We are working behind the scenes to try to clean this up, including new access restrictions for registration and posting new threads. Please don't send money via insecure methods especially on...
  5. Bradley

    For Sale 2022 North sails unused

    This listing may be a scam. Please do not send money to anyone online without verifying their identity and shipment of goods. If you have sent money to this user, please contact me via private message on the forum.
  6. Bradley

    Marine Knots : a mobile app fully coded aboard a 32' monohull

    @Jeejee. Very cool to do this on the water on solar power no less…. How did you handle the build process for iOS with just a raspberri Pi? Did you utilize Apple’s XCODE cloud service? As far as I known, you can’t sign an apple/iOS app without a Mac or the cloud service.
  7. Bradley

    Buying a Boat

    For most states there is a size cut off, around 14 feet. You will need to provide the state you are going to be based out of to better provide an answer as property is a state issue in the US.
  8. Bradley

    SOL boat?

    @Wavedancer That would be quite the experiment! I’m sure some folks would buy one in advance to practice but that kind of ruins the fun!
  9. Bradley

    Spring is coming! The boats are getting restless!

    Its been a cooler than normal spring on the Georgia coast this year it seems like. Finally got out on the motor boat for a little cruising and saw a J/24, Sunfish, and 2 Laser/ILCA's on Sunday. I wanted to get them all close together so I could take a picture for Sailing Forums. ;)
  10. Bradley

    Flying with Laser Blades

    I think @AmirahMoon was trying to build up enough Karma to post a link… which they did in another thread as soon as they crossed the threshold. The account has now been removed as spam.
  11. Bradley

    New addition

    Great find for $250, if even for just the parts… Please post a pic of her all rigged up later. I would love to see how she looks!
  12. Bradley

    Jotag dollies

    @jotag We generally don’t allow unsolicited commercial posts on the site to protect the quality of the conversations. I’m interested to learn more about your dolly products though and we appreciate you being a long time member. Can you reply with some pictures of the dolly, some pricing...
  13. Bradley

    Pin on vang tang

    Yikes! How far out from shore were you? Did you have help on the water?
  14. Bradley

    Leak test

    Maybe this article is what you are thinking of: It’s written for a Sunfish but I think it mostly applies to the Laser/ILCA as well.
  15. Bradley

    Some REALLY good news regarding LEGAL (race) sails and spars

    Wow! This is great news for accessibility to these parts.
  16. Bradley

    Motor mount options

    Here’s a link for anyone in the future. A search for Motor mount brings up a few options including this one: @jchambers1191 Thanks for your patience. Blocking links for new members knocked down most spam...
  17. Bradley

    What is my sail number???

    I have updated the help article to include this information as it was a bit out of date: @LaLi and others, let me know if this update seems correct to you. Thanks!
  18. Bradley

    Sunfish Racing History Group

    The new thread is now online for sharing historical Sunfish pictures. You can access it with this special URL: Looking forward to seeing some great pics!
  19. Bradley

    Sunfish History: Share your photos!

    Help us create an archive of Sunfish racing and sailing through history. Upload your photos to this thread so we can save them forever in the cloud. We'll start featuring them on the front page of The Sunfish Forum ( once we get a few. We allow hot linking images from...
  20. Bradley

    New Hampshire sailing

    I'm going to move this to the J/24 section, there might be a little more visibility in that section.