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    For Sale Hull 1041- Rhode Island- $4500

    Hoping to find a good home for her, price reduced to $2500.
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    For Sale  RHODE ISLAND Hull 1041- Rhode Island- $4500

    J24 Hull 1041 for sale. The boat is fast, out of Newport's Fleet 50 and has been raced by some of the biggest names in the class over the past 25 years. The last boat built in 1978, the aft hatch has been converted, still has the original forward hatch (wasn't converted to save weight and...
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    News Membership of the new Executive Committee and Technical Committee

    Any word on qualification for the 2014 World Championship?
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    Thoughts on Toe Rails?

    Waterline Systems in Portsmouth, RI should sell them. If you are trying to save a few bucks, see if you can track down Roberto Authier, he is the J Boats builder in Argentina. He will sell you a set, but shipping could eat up any savings.