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  1. shorefun

    Stainless vs. Aluminum Pop Rivets Question

    My guess is stainless. Lets face it we have a mix of metals no matter what. The 40+ year old aluminum booms and masts fail due to corrosion. I have fixed a few. BUT An aluminum rivet is not really strong enough to handle the forces. If there is slight corrosion on the rivet then it will...
  2. shorefun

    Not a good night.....

    So tonight was adult fun races at the club. The wind was frisky at 12 gusting. Was beating up the windward mark on a starboard tack. The on a port tack did not see me and I was heeled over and could not see him. We hit. No damage, I was able to turn away enough in time. On the down wind mark...
  3. shorefun

    Sunfish trailering recommendations please

    I dont believe the kayak carriers will handle the weight long term. The double trailer might have issues because the V is too deep. Plus you NEVER trust the tires or wheel bearings for long trips unless you make sure bearings are properly greased, not bad and properly tightened. Then some of the...
  4. shorefun

    Question Does anyone know the gel coat tint color for certain year boats, specifically a 2006, Thanks !

    I have seen a computer matched color for a Cat boat a guy at our club has. He was able to take a hatch up for a match. It was very hard to tell. I have been told a bit a yellow and a bit of black. I tried all sorts of mixing and did get sort of close once on my sunfish. I can say I am horrible...
  5. shorefun

    Question Does anyone know the gel coat tint color for certain year boats, specifically a 2006, Thanks !

    If you take you boat to some supply places they can put a camera on it and have the computer come up with a match. If you do that please post the mix.
  6. shorefun

    Question Need a Sunfish sail

    My experiences... I was using a recreational sail and found in stiffer winds I would loose rudder control and the boat with turn into the wind. I switched to a racing sail this year and I can point higher and the rudder is still able to control. Night and day difference. So a racing cut sail...
  7. shorefun

    Do these Kittyhawk trailer wheel ball bearings look okay or do they need repacked ball bearings?

    There is only one way to be sure. Take them apart. If the grease looks well packed and NO brown grease you are likely ok. The reality if you understand what you need to do, just take them apart and repack them. You will need to buy new seals. It is important that you also do not over tighten...
  8. shorefun

    Moving the gooseneck... Not sure how to best ask the question.

    Per the Sunfish Bible.... (I am just learning so I have no idea) In light air move the neck forward on the boom and heavy air move it rearward. The book states from 14" to 16". Is that still true today? So how does one approach figuring out the best position? How granular is it, that is will...
  9. shorefun

    Racing Vs Rec Sails

    I have a problem with saying a good rec sail can keep up with a bad racing sail. It is documented that the rec sail does not have as deep cut so it is flatter. The rec sail that came with my boat was pretty crinkley while the racing sail on my son's fish is kind of worn. His boat is also...
  10. shorefun

    Racing Vs Rec Sails

    Check out thier website. It sounds like they are race cut sails. But that is now who knows in the past. Call them and ask.
  11. shorefun

    Racing Vs Rec Sails

    Had my sunfish out in 15 gusting to 20 today. First time in heavy winds with the racing sail. Night and Day difference. The rec sail wanted to round up into the wind and I lost rudder control going into the wind with the gunal buried in the water. The racing sail let me keep on the line and the...
  12. shorefun

    When Is It Time To Throw In The Towel?

    I think sometimes the repairs are too over the top. The fundiamental issue I have with the shoreline repair is the lack of feathering back and no mention of proper sanding of part for adhesion. I have found a few failures of sunfish repairs due to not prepping so the adhesive has something to...
  13. shorefun

    Trailer Rant

    For the Hunter 170 I had the vin was printed on a silver sticker. The printing was no longer visible. I called the company and they made up a new one for $40. I did it because that tends to increase sales since it seems few trailers are properly paperworked. NJ is a title and reg state for the...
  14. shorefun

    Mid-Atlantic Races this Past Weekend in Brigantine, NJ

    I should add, I actually transport on trailers. At the end of last season I picked up a triple trailer. I was using a the larger folding Harbor Freight trailer, but I have 3 Sunfish and supposedly the trailer has paperwork. I am waiting for the person to make that happen. Paid $700 with the...
  15. shorefun

    Mid-Atlantic Races this Past Weekend in Brigantine, NJ

    My son is Harrie and was 26 behind the other BYC juniors.
  16. shorefun

    How do I remove this rough fiberglass patch job?

    If the glass is well bonded then you should not be able to remove it with heat. Sand it off is the only way. Take note of what does come off easy and why. When you go to do repairs make sure you dont repeat those mistakes. That is how I have learned and why I frequently comment on glassing. I...
  17. shorefun

    Mid-Atlantic Races this Past Weekend in Brigantine, NJ

    At the club I belong to BYC I was a dock hand helping people get in and out of the water. Nice group of people and an enjoyable day even if the weather was very wet on Satuday. My son tried sailing it. I didnt because I just dont feel comfortable with knowing rules. I was afraid of fouling...
  18. shorefun

    How do I remove this rough fiberglass patch job?

    Usually not well bonded as said. Heat and whatever works best. Some place might have more bonding then others. The vibrating tool with a putty knife is a good option, but it gets tough around the bend. I have grinders and a DA electric sander. The DA sander has been my goto lately with 80grit...
  19. shorefun

    First Sail of the season, Sunfish Race May 20-21

    Needed to get the Sunfish ready a bit earlier then normal. My oldest son is going to try racing his boat at a race that leads to the Sunfish Nationals. It is May 20-21 in Brigantine (Brigantine Yacht Club is sponsoring). My first sail with a racing sail on my boat. Mild winds 7 to 12 or so. A...
  20. shorefun

    Alan Glos and buying stuff from him .....

    FYI, Alan is great to buy stuff from. Bought a sail from him and it was as advertised, great communication and he shipped quick. Just wanted the community to know.