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    Drain plug with chain

    Hi Craig, I could use an extra one. How much would it be?
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    Drain plug with chain

    Thank you cjo1023 but I have found one locally. I will keep you in mind in the future as I have two Minifish and probably will need one of these at some other time.
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    Drain plug with chain

    I would like to buy one used from a member if possible. How do I go about that?
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    Drain plug with chain

    Looking to locate one of these for my Minifish part number 91092. Any help would be much appreciated.
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    minifish self bailer

    Part number 91026 ---- is this the part I need for my minifish which has the self bailer which leaks. Thanks for your help
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    Auto bailer (Minifish)

    I have the original brass plug for my auto bailer which is leaking. Will a little Vaseline around the gasket be worth a try. It is a minifish. Thanks
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    Main sheet cleat

    While the boat is at the dock or on shore, it is a way to keep the sail from maximum bouncing around.
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    Main sheet cleat

    I am looking to install a cleat to tie up the main sheet during down time. it will be in the front of the cockpit. Do I need to use anchors or will the screws hold without. Thanks for your response.
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    Minifish sail

    Looking to buy a minifish sail, booms mast rigging etc. I am in central new york
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    Sail, spars for Phantom

    I have a used sail, boom, mast, spars etc.; good shape, the sail has a small bungeee cord repair with tape and it was also professionally repaired before. I bought this with a minifish hull but we are afraid this might overpower the minifish; please email me back with interest; thank you--Would...
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    Phantom sail with boom and mast and all spars

    I have a phantom sail with boom and mast and all spars which attach; it was professionally repaired at one time and since has had another tape repair in a small spot; my question is how much do I ask for this; I am located in central new york. I got it with a minifish but we are using a smaller...
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    Minifish versus Minifish II

    could someone tell me the difference between the Minifish and the Minifish II? thanks
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    Drain plug Minifish

    thank you for your reply, I will try this
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    auto bailer

    okay I have taken my auto bailer apart on my minifish, what do I apply the silicone to? threads, gaskets or all of the above. I have a slight leak, thanks
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    Drain plug Minifish

    The drainplug in my Minifish seems to take on a cup or two of water after a short time sailing; I leave the plug in because I am on a very small lake and there are no waves crashing over the hull; any one have an idea why this may be happening; thanks; this is the plug in the cockpit, opposite...
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    beach dolly info sought

    Fred - I just bought one of the wheel a weigh small boat dollys by davis instruments; I have yet to try it but my thought is maybe I will not need the straps; won't the weight of the boat be sufficient? thanks Mike
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    Looking for an 8 foot rigid dinghy; I am in central new york; walker bay, american sail, puffin 8 etc. good condition please and thank you
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    Minifish dolly

    i am just getting ready to use my recently bought minifish, but it would be nice if I had something to easily move it around my lakefront property; anybody have any ideas? I imagine a dolly of some sort--------
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    I am thinking of buying a minifish that has a 2 inch gash in the bottom of the hull, the guy selling says it does not take on water or anything; the fiberglass appears to be there underneath the gel coat that has been ripped away; is this something that I should avoid buying; the condition of...
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    modern sunfish rudder

    anyone know where I can get one? I am in central New York. thanks