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    WANTED: good used ILCA 7 Mainsail

    Still looking?
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    Expired  CANADA ILCA 7 Class Legal MK1 Full Rig Sail

    Excellent condition ILCA 7 MK1 Sail. Class legal Club Race ready. No tears or repairs. $280 USD
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    Laser Radial/ILCA6 Sail

    Excellent condition Radial Sail. Class legal Race ready. No tears or repairs. Has been stored in a long sail bag rather than folded. $280 USD
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    1988 14' Hobie Holder Centerboard Bracket Repair

    Hi Matt, I had a guy email saying that he bought some stuff from you recently. Have you sold anything on here recently? I’m not convinced that he is legit. Thanks for your help.
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    1983 Laser Rainbow deck

    I have an ‘82 Super Laser with the stripes. In really good shape as it’s been stored inside for the past 25 years, and only use 5 times over that period of time. I’d consider selling if somebody was interested?
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    Are Laser II's no longer available

    Old thread I know, but if you need parts...(if you are still sailing the L2)
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    Perished forestay/jib/painter loop and bow (Laser II)

    Good luck with your water intake and for the reply on the bow issue.
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    Perished forestay/jib/painter loop and bow (Laser II)

    Interested to know if you tackled this project?
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    Laser 2 - Preparing to Sell

    Did you sell the boat?
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    Laser 2 wood stringers missing...

    Thanks for that. 4,5 hours away, but an option.
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    Laser 2 wood stringers missing...

    Best of luck getting them completed in time! Have fun :)
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    Laser 2 wood stringers missing...

    Ok, thanks for that. Much appreciated! QUOTE="LaLi, post: 170560, member: 34714"]Oh, my... At the moment, I'm trying to get two Lightnings in shape for the Europeans and Youth Worlds next week, and I'm getting desperate with technical problems that are absolutely trivial compared to yours! If...
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    Laser 2 wood stringers missing...

    And by good, i mean I’m up for it-not nessassarily good at it ;)
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    Laser 2 wood stringers missing...

    Lol :) The rest of the boat exists. From the floatation bags to the sails. I’m good with tackling more difficult projects, but I do like to sail-so don’t want to spend forever trying to figure the supports out if you get what I mean.
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    Laser 2 wood stringers missing...

    Hello, Anyone have templates for the plywood supports for an ‘87 Laser 2? The rest of the boat is sound-but these rotted away! Thanks for the help. G
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    Elvstrom Laser sails

    Thanks for the info, LaLi. This sail also has the Blue crown.
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    Elvstrom Laser sails

    I have a brand new Elvstrom Laser 1 sail ( maybe I should say never used). Anyone know what weight it would be? Or what year they stopped making them? Thanks. G.
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    Deck damage

    Hey Ghost Rider-thanks for all of the good thoughts, ideas and instruction. In my mind, I was looking for a way to replace the core, but just glassing the whole thing makes sense. Lots of info to absorb, so will think about it for awhile and may have a question or two for you! Thanks again. G
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    Deck damage

    Hello, Here we have a compound fracture of a 2009 Laser. Looking for suggestions on sequence of repairs, and specifically ways to deal with the deck hole. Thanks in advance for your comments!