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  1. J

    2009 Sunfish

    Is this boat still available ?
  2. J

    PENNSYLVANIA Race ready sunfish wanted

    Looking for a newer race ready sunfish. Covers, dolly ect would be nice.
  3. J

    2008 race rigged Sunfish

    Sold pending funds
  4. J

    2008 race rigged Sunfish

    send me an email address for the pictures. I would rate the hull just below excellent only because there are some scratches on the hull and gunwale from the previous owner. They have not bothered me so I never wet sanded them out. And I could possibly bring the boat east some ( State College...
  5. J

    2008 race rigged Sunfish

    Looking to sell my 2008 race rigged sunfish. Race sail and lines. Aluminum tiller. Deck cover. Dolly available for another $400. I will try and take some pictures tonight.
  6. J

    2000 Laser with Full, & Radial Lightly used, stored inside with covers & Dolly

    nick could you send me the pictures as well.
  7. J

    2004 Vanguard Laser 178857

    Is this boat still available? Send me an email if it is.
  8. J

    WANTED: Sunfish Coaming (Michigan)

    I have one in Erie Pa. If you want I can take pic's when I get home today.
  9. J

    Sunfish coaming

    I have a used sunfish coaming for sale. It is a little digged up but could easily be recoated and made to look like new. $50 plus shipping
  10. J

    New Class Legal North Race Sail

    What would shipping to 16505 be?
  11. J

    Race ready Sunfish wanted is saving me the drive. Turned out to be cheaper than I could drive up and back.
  12. J

    Race ready Sunfish wanted

    One last try on here before I jump in the car and drive 550 miles each way to get a boat. Looking for a race ready boat complete. covers, dolly ect. closer than 550 miles of 16505 would be a bonus.
  13. J

    Need Help Finding Specific Sail

    Is this the one
  14. J

    Race ready sunfish wanted

    Erie Pa 16505 What do you have and how much?
  15. J

    Race ready sunfish wanted

    Looking to get back into sunfish racing. Looking for race ready sunfish with cover's dolly ect. Not ready to spend the money for a new boat.
  16. J

    2009 Race Rigged Sunfish; Grand Rapids MI

    Is the boat still for sale? If so PM or email me
  17. J

    costa rica sailing

    There was a YC in Gulfito. More of a beach bar I think they had some dingy's if I recall correctly they definitely had the beer. This was a while back(20 years)
  18. J

    stained gelcoat

    acetone but wasent able to do anything. I bet it stained the gel coat yellow. Never use it on gel coat unless you know what your doing.
  19. J

    Used Raceing Sail

    Any idea how old the sail is. Any life left in it, holes, cloudy window ect. I'd make any offer with a little more info.