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    Laser 191968 (Full+Radial)

    Price lowered!!
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    Laser 191968 (Full+Radial)

    2008 Hull, Bought new, one owner. Light, Fast hull, has been raced all over the east coast. Waxed at least twice a year and washed after every use. Always stored inside throughout winter. %100 Race Ready. This is the perfect boat for someone who just aged/sized out of Opti’s and is looking for...
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    car topping on Dodge minivan

    I cartop my boat on my volvo 240 with a thule rack. Works very well.
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    2008 laser for sale

    Email sent
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    Approaching the startline

    It depends on alot. Big fleet, heavy air- Be on the line around 4-3 min. Luff, and make sure you have a large space, and there's more room to leeward of you than windward. Start sheeting in around 15, keep sheeting in until 10. By 10-7, you should be at full race speed. at 5-4, I heel the boat...
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    Heel to leeward when starting a roll tack?

    In light air, it's MUCH faster. It gets you some extra speed because you heeling the boat in 2 directions rather than one, you use less rudder, and you can get roll the boat to leeward more when you tack. In super light air, I kind of hover my hand over the tiller, and dont move it at all. I...
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    2008 laser for sale

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    2008 laser for sale

    The zhik strap and ronstan block are not included. The seitech strap, harken block, and mainsheet are included and have never been used.
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    2008 laser for sale

    I cant figure out how to edit my post, so I'll just add them here. Only damage on the whole boat
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    2008 laser for sale

    E mail sent Pics added to original post
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    2008 laser for sale

    Very good condition laser for sale. Bought new in 2007. Raced through out the east coast competitively. Stiff and dry. Boat has sailed Cork regatta, Nationals, numerous districts, and just completed the Orange bowl regatta. Boat will include Seitech dolly Radial rig with 2 sails Port hole...
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    carbon tiller extension marks my gunwales!

    This is because Carbon is a material, and when pressure is applied, the material rubs off onto another material. Use some wax to get it off.
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    Black Block and Blue Blocks What's the difference

    Hm. I broke the sister hook of the traveler block, and got a new one, and it's grey. I have one grey and one blue. I've sailed several major events and never heard anything about it.
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    WTB: Full sail

    Looking to buy a raceable full sail. Email me at Thanks!
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    Sailing downwind!

    Very false. Think about it. When you're going downwind, You want to create a pocket for the air to come in, and stay in. When you have the ouhaul pulled all the way in, the airs just flowing off the side. This is the reason you should let off everything DW, and tighten everything up in heavy air.
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    Why are Laser's holding value so much these days?

    Yep. It's also really the only boat that is affordable, so there's alot of demand for them. I'm happy! This means I can sell my 08 boat at the end of this season, and get a new boat for only a small loss.
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    Centreboard won't stay up

    Re: Centreboard wont stay up If you plan on racing, this is illegal. You are allowed to have tape, but it has be under .25 of an inch or some crazy rule like that.
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    Best Reaching in strong winds

    Make sure you let the vang off before you round the weather mark. This keeps the boom from touching the water, and making you capsize. Only time I really have everything super cranked is during survival conditions. 25+. Even than, I still let my vang off so my boom wont hit water.
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    hiking pants- how to wear?

    Hikers over boxers, rashguard on top. More rashguards and a spraytop if its cold.
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    What to look for when picking the side to take of a leeward gate?

    Where the leaders are going If it's about a 50/50 split, and the wind looks the same on the course, I will just go to the one with the least traffic, or if I have a overlap, i'll stay there. Clear air (as always) is important