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    Question Is this rigged right?

    You might like the “Sunfish Bible” - it has a whole section on variations of rigging and the impacts on comfort vs performance...
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    Advice for leaky mast tube

    A tip for outdoor storage with water accumulating in the mast well… Even with a sunbrella cover, I have experienced water eventually finding its way through and collecting in the mast well. I found placing a frisbee over the mast well, under the cover, to be a simple and effective solution to...
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    Pregnancy and sailing

    I have not been pregnant, but my first is soon due, so FWIW from my wife’s experience, here would be my advice: 1. Definitely have a conversation with your OBGYN about what physical limitations you should expect and/or activities they are comfortable with you doing. They’re the most qualified...
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    SOL boat?

    Anyone know what they are made of? Fiberglass/resin or moulded plastic? Some other material?
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    SOL boat?

    I’m guessing I found myself on a mailing list for searching for “Sunfish,” but received an email promo for this SOL boat: Looks very much like a sunfish. Anyone familiar with this?
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    North Chicago Suburbs
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    Gelcoat safety

    Thanks for sharing your experience - it’s a good lesson about the importance of PPE! Glad you’re feeling better.
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    Things That Hurt My Head

    Signal Charlie - your detailed blogs were an excellent read!
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    Things That Hurt My Head

    In that first picture, it almost looks like the halyard is going to the main sheet block, but maybe it’s going to the halyard cleat directly, since it is just in front of the splash guard?
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    Vintage Vang?

    The only other thing I can think of is I’ve seen and rigged the halyard tail around the mast and to the boom so you can pull on it in the downwind course to keep the boom forward. Could also be a vang though. Depends on where that line is running relative to the deck…behind the people. :oops:
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    Has anyone used a trailer dolly?

    Finally picked up my Dynamic Dolly and took it for a spin! Game changer! So light and easy to maneuver around. No troubles with the incline or decline to the water. They may be pricey, but worth every penny.
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    FWIW, you can still buff a paint job to a high shine if you want.
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    This definitely happened to me. After a couple days of gelcoating and sanding, first time taking it out the rubber roller on the trailer put a very attractive black streak on my white bottom.
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    I did this last year after doing a fiberglass repair on my boat - I posted some experience feedback on the forum, if that’s helpful. Long story short, the challenges with gelcoat are that 1) once you add the catalyst, you have limited working time, so do smaller batches, and 2) once it cures...
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    Spar Cradle

    I do a couple of pool noodle pieces on the deck and lay the spars from front to back on those. I use ratchet straps - not too tight! - to hold the boat on the trailer, including a wrap around the spar bundle to hold them in place.
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    To Mast Cleat or Not To Mast Cleat…

    I wasn’t sure on the load needs - hence my question. Thanks for answering! Thanks also for pointing out a woven with a higher tensile rating. In Lee’s video, it sounded like these were going to be legal as an alternative to a mast cleat. He was recommending an loop [which I had interpreted...
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    To Mast Cleat or Not To Mast Cleat…

    Apparently for this purpose it is. What would you suggest? Of the woven options, I figured the synthetic won’t degrade in the elements the way natural fiber will over time. Ideally, I would prefer a chorded, but then I’ll need fids to put in a splice.
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    To Mast Cleat or Not To Mast Cleat…

    Planning to try this Lee Montes “mast cleat replacement line” method on my mast this season. Anyone else try this already? I was debating about what weight capacity I should aim for in the line I use. I currently grabbed a woven nylon line that has a 124lb capacity. Woven should be easier to...
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    First Sail of the New Season!

    Got the ‘ol fish out for the first sail of the season! 15mph southernly winds with 20mph on an east-to-west lake. A balmy 82 degrees in Chicagoland, but boy was that water cold! What a blast! Had to end it prematurely when the cotter pin holding my main sheet ratchet block popped out due to...
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    Soggy Boat

    There are some great vids using small fans to circulate air through the boat using those inspection ports - this will help dry the inside.